Important Changes to Linking your Steam and TCF accounts

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    Terraria Community Forums (TCF) has an optional feature to link a Steam account to your TCF account. This is a convenience feature, allowing you to use your Steam credentials to access your TCF account (it does NOT work in reverse - you won't be able to access your Steam account with your TCF information).

    In April 2018, Steam made some significant changes to their privacy settings and policies that affect this feature.

    The changes are as follows:

    Registering, Linking, and Logging in via Steam

    For a brief period, people were unable to register, link, and log into TCF via Steam. We have since fixed this issue, and the feature works as it did before the Steam change.

    If you used this method to register your account: you were not prompted to enter a separate password for your TCF account. You should set a TCF password as soon as possible. In the event that you cannot access your Steam account (due to system outage, being banned from Steam) or another incompatible software change such as happened recently, you will still have access to your TCF account using your TCF username and password.

    Registration via Steam will prompt you enter an email address. If you enter a non-existent address, or you no longer have access to the email address you provided, you will not be able to reset either your email address or password. Changing/setting a password will send a link to the current email address (existent or not) or prompt for the current password, and changing your email address will prompt for your current password or tell you that you must set a password. If you find yourself unable to set or change your email/password, contact me or another staff member for assistance.

    Your TCF account and your Steam account are separate, and it is to your advantage to be able to access them independently. Please set a valid email and password for your TCF account.

    Earning Forum Trophies/Titles for Linking your Steam Account

    An additional perk for linking your Steam account is that you can automagically earn forum trophies/titles for doing so. This is also completely optional.

    The recent Steam change affects the process that assigns these trophies. Steam changed their Privacy Setting page, and your Steam game inventory is now set to private by default. In order to receive your trophies, you must set your Steam profile privacy to be completely public.

    New Steam privacy.png
    The circled settings must be set this way - all Public, both boxes not checked.

    Once you have received your trophies (please allow up to 24 hours), you may set your Steam privacy as you wish, or even disassociate your accounts. The trophies remain yours once awarded.
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