Terraria: Otherworld Changing of the Guard: An Update from Otherworld

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Hyero

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    I decided to come browse the forums and see if there's any type of news among the other threads. Good to see the devs still haven't made any progress and still have nothing worthwhile to tell us.

    I'm going to be straightforward here. The last time I was this disappointed was post-opening cutscene for Sonic '06.
  2. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Spazmatism

    On the contrary, the devs made a LOT of progress. That progress just turned out to not be fun, so they threw it away and started over. Overwatch came out of a similar situation.
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  3. Hyero

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    We're currently on the 3rd start of Otherworld. At this point I'd expect them to at least have something hobbled together from recycled assets from previous builds, made concepts for several NPCs and enemies, some weapons, environments and possibly improved upon the leveling system and quest system they proudly presented us nearly 2 years ago.
  4. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Spazmatism

    "Something hobbled together" doesn't sound like the best start for a game. Besides, we don't know what they have internally. There's no point in showing us anything further until they have a roadmap for what that thing is going to be. Making a good roadmap takes time, and we're currently stuck in the middle of that process.

    This is why media and entertainment companies shouldn't leak anything about a product's existence until about 3-6 months before it's release. Too much insider information is ruining our ability to actually enjoy any of it.
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  5. Omzikat

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    I'm really just waiting for them to say that it'll be released like 2018/19. Won't be before that anyway. They should make like a subscription bot that announces any new spoilers/info on T:OW so people don't stop by this forum once a week in hope that something's happened, like I do right now.
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  6. phichikapparho

    phichikapparho Terrarian

    Same here about once every week or two just to see hoping against all hope. This was one of the games that I was arguably the most excited about.

    Sadly almost 2 years later I have zero expectations. Which in the long run is really going to work out for them. Because I won't have any preconceived notions or expectations. And I can go into it fresh like I did with Terraria. Nothing to live up to because they done burned down that Forest. Lol.
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  7. ChaoticGamer

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    we will never know they will show up, probably they will I mean that portal won't close because we did have crossover with DD2 anyway, it doesn't mean they won't come back and do it again. All we will know they help T:OW to make defs tower in that game, so possible chance we will meet the heroes and DD2 EG.
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  8. Tyrax Lightning

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    Heroes of the Storm too. Long ago the Devs experimented with "Artifacts" as a System Mechanic for the game but it just didn't work out & got scrapped. HotS still eventually became an Epic Game. ToW can too. :dryadgrin:
  9. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Terrarian

    Let its rain down bunch cool heroes in T:OW! :red2::p:dryadtongue::merchanttongue::nursetongue:~:p`:p
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  10. Lord Donovan

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    If you review the Otherworld updates posted back when development was trucking along, there were upwards of five updates in a single month and I don't think that pace bothered anybody. But more to my point, if they could post good news multiple times a month when there was good news, it's just as fair to update us with some regularity when things aren't so good. Customer relations should be a two-way street, but all too often the traffic of information is only flowing along the good news lane. Maybe that doesn't bother you, but it bothers me.

    I'm not saying that the updates to Terraria are a bad thing in and of themselves, but given the choice, (and assuming it turned out good,) I'd rather have bought a fresh, new Otherworld by now rather than having a trickle of free updates to creaky ol' Terraria. I had a good, no GREAT time with Terraria, but at this point, truly improving it would take more than just adding new furniture every six months, that sort of stuff is nearly irrelevant to what I actually want. It needs a fresh sequel with big changes, which is why I've wanted Otherworld so much. And since Terraria did so well, I would have thought that making a sequel with an actual budget behind it and better production from step one would have gone a lot smoother. But somehow, more experience and more money had the opposite of the expected results... In any case, I don't know enough about how things are at Re-Logic to say if doing it in-house would have been better or worse, or exactly what went wrong to get us to this point, I don't share your certainty in that regard. I just know that Terraria updates are a poor replacement for having a real sequel/follow-up instead. At best, they're better than nothing at all.

    With that said, my personal theory is that we're only still getting these updates at all is because Otherworld is soooo behind. I bet that had it gone as planned and released in 2015, that would have pretty much been it for original Terraria. And had Otherworld been merely less late, and released in 2016, then that would have marked the end of Terraria updates. And if I want to be really cynical, I'd guess that Re-Logic isn't still updating original Terraria to this day because they're good people, but merely to keep customer interest on life support until they finally have a new game to sell us. (And at this point I wouldn't be shocked if that's the mythical, whispered-of Terraria 2 instead.) Either way, I know I'm repeating myself, but this consumer would rather see all development resources devoted to eventually getting us an entirely new game sooner, at the cost of additional Terraria updates now.
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  11. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    That theory is incorrect and I will leave it at that.

    The two things are wholly unconnected and always have been. :)
  12. Omzikat

    Omzikat Terrarian

    I have to say that for myself, seeing the admins online on this site sometimes is enough, because then I'm assured that they still care enough for their games to keep the *community* "alive". Even if not informative, a comment from one of the devs or just an admin in the Forum makes me pretty happy and satifies me, even if that sounds weird.
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  13. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Terrarian

    while developer getting prep time, but a virus attack their computer. Don't worry dev team unlesh the protector S.H.E.I.L.D data programing or known as anti-virus lets take look inside the data...

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  14. HunkySenpai

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    Have you ever heard of Breath of the Wild? That game was announced in 2014, I believe. It only just got released in March. And you know what? It was called one of the greatest games of all time. Maybe you should just be more patient and let the developers do what they need to do.

    I'm going to be straightforward here. You really have no right to tell these wonderful people how they have done nothing over a course of two(?) years, they obviously have been working hard to make this game the best it can be.
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  15. Lord Donovan

    Lord Donovan Official Terrarian

    Assuming this is a response to my preceding post, the response is much appreciated. Even if it's just to tell me I'm wrong, and communicating as little information as possible in the process, any official response is better than absolute radio silence.

    Incidentally, I can only assume you're in a difficult spot, being expected to keep us forum malcontents appeased without being able to relay any actual information in the process. It's a battle fought with communication and they won't give you any ammo. Well, here's hoping that whatever the exact reason behind the absolute update embargo is, (I still would think even in a situation like this some sort of updates would be possible,) it ends sooner than later.
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  16. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Terrarian

    As the time being, developer open their email check their mail, then accidently unlesh the virus again accept its a troll virus


    As we say "curse you virus infecting our dev's team computer"!
  17. Wertual

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    I love that game!!!

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    this cewl
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    Fingers Crossed for more SteamPunk Brass Pipes. `:passionate:
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