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    I was playing through the mobile
    version of the game and really enjoying it, it's now quite a long time since I downloaded terraria for mobile, but this has never happened before: I pressed play and it said, "game file (then my in game character name) (then a bunch of numbers) can not be loaded because it was created in a newer terraria version" but I never did anything to it and there was no updates or anything available, I'm not sure what's gone wrong but please help get my character back, btw it was a local save file, I did have a cloud backup but it was from a while back and I didn't want to redo everything. Thanks if you can help
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    Hi there @NINJAPHEONIX64, I’m sorry to hear that your character isn’t playable. This error pops up a bit, and from what I can tell, there’s no pattern to why it does.

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to get your character back. I would advise you to use your backup character. I know you mentioned it was from awhile ago so it is behind in progress. And then going forward, make sure to create backups more often.

    The good news is that the mobile version will be getting an updated code that may fix this issue (it won’t bring back your character though). There is no estimate when the update will release.