PS5 Character name turned red and now i cant play


i tried to join my friend's world but my name has turned red and it now shows 100Hp 20 MP and a default skin and i cant seem to use it anymore. does anyone know how to fix this??
i play on ps4/5
If you backed up your player before this happened you should be able to go to files and bring it back, but I'm not sure that works on ps4 or 5
From experience, that means the file is corrupted. There should be some guide out there that helps recover corrupted files on PS5.. I hope.
There's got to be some way, no way it hasn't happened before. I recommend just looking up how to get back corrupted files on a ps4 or 5.
I think I found a similar bug post, though it lacks the red name, and is on PC instead of PS5.
Edit: after reading the post a bit more, someone else commented on corrupt characters having red names in the past...
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