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tModLoader Chat Source - Shows the source of messages in the chat


Chat Source

Download via Mod Browser ingame! Only available on version 0.11 of tModLoader!

For those who need to know which mod writes stuff to the chat!

Shows the source of messages in the chat. Clientside, toggleable via config.



"Your world has been blessed with Cobalt!"
Player got 10 tier 1 Reversivity coins and now has 70 in total."
"Your world has been blessed with Cobalt!"
"[AlchemistNPC] Player got 10 tier 1 Reversivity coins and now has 70 in total."
- Some stuff like ore spawn announcements in multiplayer will show no mod associated because those messages are serversided
- "[Terraria]" prefix for vanilla messages is by default disabled
- Toggle "Display Name" and "Internal Name" of a mod via config

Source code: Github
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Very useful QOL thing but is there or have you considered implementing a way to modify the prefixes yourself on a mod by mod basis? Some mods have pretty long and obnoxious names that take up half the screen.


It only shows the "internal" name of the mod aka [CalamityMod], not [Calamity Mod (No Calamity Music)]. I will add a setting or something else that will show the "display" name of the mod later today, as some mods have very mismatched internal vs display names.

New Update added a chat command:
To view the display name of a mod you don't know, type in chat for example "/CSmodname RecipeBrowser"
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Duke Fishron
That's actually pretty amazing! I am definitely adding this to every play-through I have. It reminds me of that "What mod is this from?" mod, which is also incredibly useful.

Thank you for this! <3 My full endorsements, and a metaphorical box of cookies in your mailbox.
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