I have been searching for water walking boots for 10+ hours and I have tried everything. Would it be cheating to create a new world of the same difficulty to get them?? I really want to have a legit playthrough but spending so much time on a common item is really frustrating.

And I know this is about terraria but idk what tag I was supposed to use :/
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For your question, ultimately cheating is when something is done to make the game not behave how it was intended. It is allowed by the game to use the same character in different worlds, so it would not be considered cheating if you used a new world to find water walking boots. Ultimately it's up to you on if you want to create a new world for your goal or not.
If you are playing on PC, I recommend just going to a free item server.
If you still want to try finding them in a new world, go for it, there is a chance that water walking boots do not spawn in a water chest but if you want to be as legitimate as possible you can take up fishing and get a 1/10 chance from an ocean crate.
Fishing crates usually gets me some boots a lot quicker than chests. Like, consistently. Definitely recommend ocean fishing, its slow at first but if you do a few angler quests it snowballs. Actually I recommend fishing quests in general. even after the nerf in 1.4 the fishing meta is still alive and well, the window is just a bit smaller and isn't as simple. But for water walking boots ocean crates, even in pre hardmode, are a good and easy way to get a hold of them really early and really cheaply. Good luck soldier!
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