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Chilean texture pack

piña colada

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was Chile's national day and I decided to make a texture pack to celebrate it. I didn't have much time but i changed as many things as I could before yesterday.

I listed all of the changes along with images in the spoiler below

  • forest trees (only the type 9) were replaced by araucarias and bunnies (excluding in-a-cage variants) were replaced by "pudús"

  • gnomes and garden gnomes were replaced by moais

  • some party decorations and foods were replaced by traditional chilean items
    • streamears were replaced by copihues, flags and traditional decorations
    • silly tied baloons were replaced by a flag balloon, a flag and a "trompo" (a traditional game)
    • party machine was replaced by a grill
    • party hats were replaced by "chupallas"
    • keg was replaced by a "terremoto" station, mugs are now plastic cups and ales are "terremotos" (look it up, it's a drink, it's good)
    • roasted bird was replaced by "empanada frita" (I used a food that was easy to get)
    • koi kite was replaced by a chilean flag kite (again, i wanted it to be easy to obtain)

  • piggy bank and money trough were replaced by "chanchitos de pomaire" (traditional 3 legged clay piggy banks)

  • the coins were replaced by chilean currency
  • the 4 small paintings sold by the painter were replaced by chilean football team logos

  • queen slime boss fight was completely changed to be traditional "la ligua" sweets
    • queen slime is now an "empolvado" and shoots out "merenguitos"
    • crystal slime is a "tacita" and shoots it's toppings
    • bouncy slime is an "alfajor" and shoots "manjar"
    • heavenly slime is a "palmerita"

  • the destroyer was replaced by a "transantiago" (Santiago's public buses) and probes were replaced by taxis

  • skeletron prime's head was replaced by Piñera's head

You can download the texture pack from here Feliz18.zip and then install it following this instructions Texture Pack .

Let me know if you like it and you can leave here any comment you have!

piña colada

Piñera Prime doesn't exist, it can't hurt you.

Piñera Prime:

Jokes aside, this is pretty amazing, not gonna lie. The Queen Slime resprites are adorable. Buen trabajo!
thanks a lot!

muchas gracias a todos por los comentarios :D mi idea es que todos se puedan reir peleando contra la reina de la ligua o el long transantiago con sus mini taxis!
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