Cloud Saves Do Not Work on iOS

Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by bentout12, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Posted this in the tech support section, but it also seems to be a bug and no one is helping. Cloud saves do not work on iOS no matter what I do.

    Hi, I am playing on iOS 8.4, although I had the same issue on 8.3. I started a cloud character and a cloud world on my iPhone game and played for a bit. When I open the game in my iPad and click on the "cloud" option, my world and character don't show up. Do I need to do something to enable this? I have tried deleting and creating multiple worlds and characters with no luck. It looks like other people are able to use cloud saves, so I feel like this must be something I am doing wrong. Do I need to enable iCloud? I have that properly set up and Terraria is set to use iCloud drive. I've also tried creating an iPhone backup on iCloud which does nothing. I tried enabling Game Center, but that did not help.