Showcase Compact World Load Detector (Transmutation - Terraria v1.4.4.9)


Skeletron Prime
Using the transmutation glitch we can offset the areas which are affected by liquid pumps.
Meaning we can further compact World Load Detectors.

With this in mind here it is:
Capture 2023-07-10 21_10_35.png
Capture 2023-07-10 21_10_38.png

Capture 2023-07-10 21_10_41.png
Capture 2023-07-10 21_10_43.png

There are 2 variants one where the pumps aren't cutoff and ones where they've been cut using TEdit.
Since this was done with a 3 step vertical transmutation contraption (images bellow).
I had to put the inlet on the top and the outlet on the bottom

3 step vertical / 1 step horizontal:
Capture 2023-08-08 04_34_27.png
Capture 2023-08-08 04_34_40.png

You should be able to just put them anywhere you want, as long as there aren't any pumps or liquids in a 3x3 radius around the pump tiles.

For the less compacted detector:
Inlet pump (Green): Area offset down by 3 tiles and then by 3 to the right (Top left intakes water in a 2x2 area from actuated white team block and bottom sensor)
Outlet pump (Red): Area offset up by 3 tiles up and then by 3 to the right (Bottom left tile discharges water in a 1x1 area on top of sensor)
A simple T-Flip-Flop on the right to convert 2 signals to 1 output.

The more compact one is the same procedure but with different horizontal offset.

This WILL crash your game if you break it, place a block near the pumps or try echo painting them, instead you need to use TEdit for these actions.
Also the water inside the white team block disappears in TEdit if you paint it with echo so you have to manually paint that one ingame.

To use TEdit schematics click on Clipboard -> Import Schematic or Image -> Select Schematic.TEditSch

TEdit schematics attached as a zips

ARK | Quasar ( quasar128 )
- for the creation of the transmutation machine


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