[Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

Underground Desert activates when you stand in front of the natural backwall, but I cant remember if doing so blocks biome spawns if there is a biome block from which it can spawn in...

For the purposes of the farm Ill remind that the spawn block also affects which mobs can spawn in addition to the biome music. So for example Snow Flinx will not spawn in that farm. (Or was it the Undead Viking... cant remember right now) One of them needs snow to spawn in, the other needs stone in an ice biome.

I seem to remember that teleporting enemies cannot teleport to the player if he is behind a playerplaced backwall (Goblin Sorcerers excluded). Also that you needed to be moving in order for them to spawn, so people rode Slime mounts on the Dummies to be in constant motion so Chaos Elementals would spawn.
Hi! I was wondering just what 1.4 broke about this. Is it something that can be compensated for?
Edit: Oh, I see folks broke it down in 2020. Cool!
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