Console Console 1.3?

true but things might be edited because things have changed such as new information etc not just because the last thing that was posted was unofficial etc
Right, I do agree, and I understand what you're saying. :) But the edits that said any date other than "target of Q3 2017" were not, and still are not, official. And none of those edits had any citing to them.
i wish, atm your only option is buy an xbox one(if ya want to transfer saves from 360) or a ps4(if you want to transfer saves from ps3) and wait for the update
I'm hoping its somewhat like the pc version with controller as its been pretty interesting. Also if its like pc we may want to make new worlds anyhow because they are a lot bigger on pc. Can't wait for the update.
bigger isnt always better that said there might be some incentive to create new worlds i kinda wish you could customize your world like choose which biomes are present and the overall size like for example you could have a tiny world that only had a single surface biome and everything was found underground which would require you to make underground houses for npcs etc well maybe sometime in the future
With a lot of effort you technically can do one biome minus the ocean. With enough materials you can change it...
of course if your willing to change every single block in a surface biome and good luck doing an entire underground/cavern layer but even then there isnt enough resources from a single world which means you would have to haul vast amounts of resources from other worlds and then slowly replace bit by bit every single pixel of land until your satisfied
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