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Damn it’s awful. Nothing much else to say, characters customisation is slow (because you can only see one hairstyle at a time) and tedious with one slight bump to the thumb sticks sending the cursor flying.
But let me break down each menu to show my biggest issues:

Character Customisation Screen
- Lacks seeing the options laid out in front of you.
- When typing in the name of a character or world forces you to use the in game keyboard which is inferior to the inbuilt one and disables keyboard use

Inventory UI
-A mess,the old design was clean and made sense, making it easy to craft and swap inventory slots. Now the ui has no sense of cohesion or order, making it a puzzle to actually see what’s going on
-All the options have been mashed into one screen, making it convoluted. It handles crafting, chest, inventory, equipment, housing, ect
-You can no longer see what you can build and what you need for future items, I find myself checking the wiki for crafting more than I should be.

-Lacks a safe zone ratio slider, making parts of the ui get cut off

-No sensitivity slider for the smart cursor makes the thing so fiddly.


there should be an option to swap UI styles (similar to the newer version of minecraft) because you're right, the PC UI feels kinda weird being put on console versions when you can just use a controller on PC for a similar, maybe even better experience (because of new updates and stuff)

EDIT: yes already, but more stuff adding on to what you said:

YES, a safe zone slider would be INCREDIBLY useful given that some TVs cannot change the aspect ratio and such, as a friend's TV cannot do it, making the UI stuck off the screen.

UI for crafting pre-1.3 was so good, simple and stuff. same with character creation, was good too.

they should also put the player list back with the map, it's so dang HARD to wormhole to somebody with a cursor that sensitive and fast. just click on their head on the menu and done.

another thing... camera movement. it WAS SO SMOOTH! the camera would slightly trail behind your player and stuff and it just felt good, especially when traversing across bumpy terrain. the screen would stay in practically one place while your character would bump up and down lol
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Skeletron Prime
Kind of moot resurrecting this thread, as the UI is being redesigned from scratch with the 1.4 update.
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