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Kreuz Drache

Official Terrarian
So the other day I was going make homemade mash potatoes. Unfortunately, I only had 4 potatoes.

So in desperate times, call for desperate measures, and thusly I made homemade scallop potatoes!

Preheated the oven to 400 degrees, then peeled and sliced up the 4 potatoes along with half of an onion in a glass oven tray. Then I sprinkled some garlic powder.

Nextly, mixed in a jar of Ragu cheddar cheese sauce with a little bit of milk in a separate bowl. Lastly dumping the cheese mixture in the tray with the potatoes and onions.

Put it in the oven, and wait around 30 min!(More or less, depending on how thin the potatoes are. Just be sure to check to see if the potatoes are soft enough.)

Result? Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share. But I will say my family and sister's boyfriend enjoyed it immensely!

If I could recommend anything, is that be sure to have a way to prevent the cheese from being burned onto the tray. Cause having to clean up burned cheese stuck on a glass tray is no fun at all. ;_;


Headless Horseman
It's been a long time since I cooked.
Can't cook untul now since I stay in rented room.
The only I do related to cooking is watching many videos about people cooking and it makes me hungry for just looking the cooking progress and the result.

Also, recently I am interested on studying particular parts of cooking (instead of recipe) like meat cut, herp, method, ingredients, etc.
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