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Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by ArcticWolf115, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I rebought terraria for mobile just yesterday because I remembered I used to have tons of fun with it on my old phone. However, I’ve come across this thing where every time I put a world on the cloud it disappears when I restart my game. It does not do this with characters. I really want to play my world on my iPad but it won’t show up there either. Any help?
  2. Unit One

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    This is strange, as you’re the second person within days to have this issue on iOS. I’ve been testing it with my iPad and trying to get the cloud world to disappear and it keeps working correctly, so I can’t replicate this. I move a local world to be a cloud world, and it’s still there. I make a brand new cloud world, and it’s still there.

    It’s interesting that it’ll work for your characters though. Is there any way you don’t have enough cloud space left to keep the world?

    Otherwise, I recommend you open a support ticket with 505 Games here:

    They may just tell you to wait until the new update comes out to see if that naturally fixes it. There’s no estimate of a release date however.