PC Crafting My Own Story & Lore For The World Of Terraria

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    Terraria gives you a huge sandbox full of things to collect and do but I always thought about the lack of lore and story for the NPC's and state of the world. I decided to make up my own lore in this role played, story based playthrough I'm doing with some friends.

    - Here's a link to the playlist

    Sigurd is essentially a Ranger and will be using bows and later on guns. I intend to cap his life at just below the maximum and he'll barely have any magic.
    Grey Eagle is more the spell sword and will be proficient at melee weapons and some magics.
    Red Siren is a traditional mage and she'll be mostly decked out in robes and staves.
    Catalina is similar to her but will tone down the magic somewhat in favor of being a cross between a mage and a tank.

    We're currently on Part 4 of the LP and apart from the commentary during the main videos I decided to implement parts at the end of videos where some lore can be injected into the tale.

    - Here's a link to part 4
    Tell me what ya'll think. :D