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PS4 Crimson or Ocean crates?


I'm fishing for Hemopiranha in my Crimson biome that is near the Ocean and i got a Seaside crate. Dose that mean i wont be able to get any Hemo crates? or will i get both?

edit : I am getting crimson fish from the place i am fishing.
So, with hybrid biomes, you’ll get whatever fish is in the higher priority biome, unless there aren’t any in a category, in which case the next biome’s fish will take its place. Different fish are categorized as common, uncommon, rare, very rare, etc..

Crimson has higher priority than ocean, so you’ll catch crimson fish and ocean fish for any categories that there aren’t crimson fish. Example: if the crimson has no common fish, you’ll catch the ocean’s common fish instead.

Crate priority is different than fishing priority, and the ocean is actually higher than crimson in crate priority, so you’ll only catch ocean crates at sea.

So you’ll catch the crimson fish, and you’ll catch only ocean crates. The ocean won’t be less likely to give crimson fish, it’s probably better than other lakes due to the size.
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