Name: Falchion
Nickname (Optional): Falcon
Age: 15 (In human years)
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Appearance: An average-sized wolf with black fur, and dark blue eyes.
Personality: Calm, usually polite (Though he does sometimes make somewhat jerkish comments toward his enemies), and doesn’t get mad very often. The only thing (currently) that can actually make him mad is anything related to Rooted Corruption.
Equipment: “I can’t really use any weapons, and I generally dislike armor. As such, I have no equipment other than my claws.”
Abilities: (AAGHOAJAFJCIOAJCAH I can’t put anything here until I name a lore thing ;~ ; )
Strengths: Very fast reaction speed, great at dodging attacks.
Weaknesses: Very frail, and he’s a bit stubborn so he won’t always retreat from battles.
Text Color: #6bb4e9

(...I was working in my writing document, and I was too lazy to hold the key for like ten seconds just to be able to add another section to the backstory area.)
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