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WIP Cyborg Improvements! Useful Nanites! And...You know where this is already going on.

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by TMB50, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Right now, the Cyborg doesn't feel like it's cool enough, as he doesn't have some sort of unique gimmick, only a select few of his non-rocket-related merchandise isn't venity (And one of those items is already dropped by Granite mobs, of whihc one already has a statue), and Nanites are near-useless because most enemies are inmune to Confused at this point.
    Obviously, you'd expect Nanites to be much more awesome (For their cost, Venom Bullets are better because at least they do more direct damage), and for him to provide something more unique, specially as he is the last NPC to be unlocked, so he logically should at least have some sort of gimmick.
    Merchandise changes:
    Night-Vision Helmet:
    No longer sold by Cyborg, as it's effectively a vanity item by this point, and because Granite Golems can already drop it.
    Nanite Configurator: New Furniture item. The Nanite Configurator allows the player to change how Flasks of Nanites and Nanite Bullets behave.
    New Mechanic: Similarily to Reforging, Status, and other NPC special services, the Cyborg now offers Nano-Augmentations, which are permanent, mutually exclusive, changes to the player's stats and behavior (This means that they're kept after death, but it isn't possible to have several of them at the same time).
    In order to unlock them, they require bringing a specific crafting material to the Cyborg, and applying them requires Nanites.

    Skin Hardener
    (Requires 20 Beetle Husks): Causes each of the Player's Hearts to be "Self-Contained". This means that health is turned into several health bars which lose health consecutively instead of being a health meter. Damage cannot surpass 10% (25% in Expert Mode) of the player's current maximum health (This means that, at 500 Health, it isn't possible to take more than 50 damage at once. Daytime Skeletron, Daytime Skeletron Prime, and the Dungeon Guardian aren't affected)). Once each heart is depleted, a buff will be triggered, called Nanite Hardening, which causes the player to be "covered" in a black and blue layer of nanites, greatly increasing Defence and giving percentage-based damage reduction. The minimum amount of time this lasts is 5 seconds, and has a 20-second cooldown.
    Nanite Regen (Requires 10 Life Fruit): Buffs the player's regen rate.
    Nano-Dash (Requires 20 Ectoplasm and 3 Chaos Fish): Allows the player to teleport short distances. Has a 0.5-second cooldown (For reference, it's behavior is similar to that of Starbound's Blink Dash tech).
    Nano-Fire (Requires 15 Cursed Flames): Overrides inmunities to Cursed Inferno, and greatly increases Cursed Inferno DPS.
    Nano-Ichor (Requires 30 Ichor): Causes the player to ignore 12 Defence.

    Nanite Configurator:
    The interface allows the player to "reprogram" Nanites. This changes how both the bullets and the Flask of Nanites behave.
    Either Nanite-based item can be modified separately.
    By default, both simply inflict increasing DoT on enemies (The Confusion effect is transferred to a new kind of bullet shown below).
    Nanite Config Options:
    Nanite Bullet Options:
    Goo Ball Spawn:
    Upon hitting enemies, spawns small Goo Balls that attack other enemies by jumping at them. They despawn after 5 seconds without spotting an enemy.
    Nanite Disperser: While flying in the air, Nanite Bullets will quickly fire secondary shots in a cyclic motion.
    Nano-Splitter: Bullets split in 2.
    Blue Goo: Upon hitting an enemy or surface, the bullet spawns Blue Goo. Blue Goo is a fluid-like projectile that acts similarly to Lava, but doesn't damage players, doesn't interact with fluids, deals damage at enemies that touch the Blue Goo (And inflicts a DoT debuff on them that causes enemies to spawn Blue Goo on death), and ignores if enemies can pass through walls or not (This means that bosses are affected). Blue Goo pools begin to progressively despawn if they haven't damaged an enemy or have changed their size (Except by pool withering) for 10 seconds.

    Flask of Nanites Config Options:
    Goo Infestation:
    Causes enemies to, on top of the usual increasing DoT effect, spread the DoT effect to more enemies.
    Blue Goo: Causes enemies to spawn Blue Goo on death.​
    Bright-Blue Mushroom:
    Sold by the Truffle for 8 Silver. Used to craft Allucigenic Bullets (Inflict Confusion. Otherwise, similar stats to Silver Bullets) and Flask of Mushrooms (Inflicts Confused).
    The purpose of this item is to keep the current functionality of Nano Bullets and the Flask of Nanites, while also retiering it so they're more useful.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2017
  2. TooMuchDog

    TooMuchDog Terrarian

    Great idea! What if the cyborg allowed reforging, but instead gave better/new adjectives to things than we currently have? Of course, this would mean the goblin tinkerer would be useless upon the cyborgs arrival, which would be unfortunate...
  3. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    You already said why making the Cyborg an improved Goblin Tinkerer is a bad idea.
  4. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    I like it.
    The Skin Hardener seems ridiculously powerful though. If I understand it correctly any hit will only cost you 25 life. In Expert Mode there are plenty of enemies that can kill you in a few hits. The Skin Hardener would basically allow you to tank 19 hits from any enemy, no matter how powerful.

    It'd be better to give a bonus to armour or damage reduction like the Worm Scarf. 10 armour or 5% damage reduction, something like that.

    The Cyborg is probably my most ignored npc. Rocket launchers are overall subpar (in my opinion anyway), so I don't even buy rockets from him.
  5. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    I made the Skin Hardener behave that way because a mere damage reduction would be too simple (And it's already possible to get damage reduction up to more than 70% anyways, so it would simply be potentially even worse).
    As for it blocking too much damage, I guess I should have instead made it have a "Health cap" of 50.
  6. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    I'd say at least a 100 for Expert Mode.
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