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PC Dark Souls - Elite Knight Armor (Remastered!)


Lore friendly intro:
Ah, chosen undead. Have thou changed games?... Well, not to worry. Take upon these vestiges and remind yourself in the tasks that thee shall repeat, all in quite the familiar fashion. Thine shall perhaps link the fire a different way, in a different world, all in the second dimension of an unforgiving land; interesting... We'll be waiting, hmh, heh heh...

Through thorough inspection of the old file, I've made these changes in order for it to work:
Created folders with the correct names for the directory to work.
Manually placed all of the assets in the correct order for the chainmail.
Added a few dots to fix the naked glitch on the pants.

And for the fun of it, I've made a few direct changes to the armor itself to make it more pleasing to the eye:
Made the spike on the gauntlet much smaller while walking to avoid giving an uncoordinated bulky look.
Made the tabard flow a little better while jumping/falling where it otherwise felt like a solid square skirt.

The credit goes to "dnmodular" for his work in having drawn the pixel art.
Here's where I've taken the original from:

What I've done is basically make it compatible with the newest 1.4 update, with the addition of texture pack support where they made a folder that allowed us to replace/create through a directory, which otherwise simplifies things, but if you want some of the old mods prior to 1.4, you'll sometimes need to tweak them a bit in order for them to work correctly, so here I needed to fix a few things with dnmodular's piece of work in order for it to actually work!

All in all, hope you enjoy your new souls like look, and do remember to give your applause to dnmodular, since it was him who made this armor, not me, I'm just the guy who made it compatible for this last update!
If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask them, il probably help you out :)



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