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Story Deep


Hello there readers! I decided to give story writing another shot after my other story died.

If you want to follow this story's progression, watch this thread (Click button on top!).

1. Turning off the Profanity Filter, so the Redigit emoticons don't mess up the text.
2. Being over 14+. The story will be focused on more mature readers, so if you are younger than 14, I don't recommend reading the story. If you are younger than 14 and decide to read it anyway, do not let this story have effect on you.

Anthony: Reckless, Flirtatious and Loyal
Anthony was the man every girl fell for, and he was the guy who would do anything to keep it that way. He was considered intelligent by his peers, but he himself never thought that. He is so loyal to his friends, he would do anything for them. His girlfriend is Adriana.

Ethan: Industrious, Cunning and Reliable
Ethan isn't the most social person, but he makes up for it with his hardworking nature. As he loves to do work, he'll gladly accept your request for any work you give him. He will do anything to get the job done, no matter how devious the plan is. Has a crush on Cristine.

Oliver: Inventive, Obnoxious and Messy
Oliver is a creative adult and he loves to share ideas all the time, annoying but cute. He is always messed up at some point, but he overtakes it. No attraction to anyone.

Olivia: Easygoing, Giving and Friendly
Olivia is a heartwarming woman. She gets angry at times, but she is working on her inner peace. She will give anything that she has to people who are in desperate measures. Crush on Oliver.

Cristine: Charming, Bossy and Brave
Cristine, also known as Cristy, is a charming lady and will make you feel loved. She's courageous and loves to be the controller of things, but she gets ahead of herself sometimes. Has crush on Ethan.

Adriana: Insane, Decisive and Humorous
Adriana is a crazy one, so she has a psychiatrist to discuss it. She thinks a lot before doing her actions, but to settle her insane side, she's very funny around her friends.

Katherine: Serious, Brainy and Persuasive
Katherine is a very straight forward girl. She just wants everyone to be as smart as her. She is very convincing, and can make PEOPLE do her work.

Welcome to Deep! This story will be following the events of seven young adults going camping, but they soon notice that there is something in the woods, and they know it's not something good.

Prologue: Disappearance

"Alan? I think it's... time to go to sleep..." Eileen muttered.
It was 3:00 AM and Alan and Eileen were drinking with their other friends in a bar on a cliffside of snowy mountain.
"Alright, let's go," Alan said in a sleepy tone.
The group walked out of the bar and let Katherine drive, as she was not drunk. As Katherine was driving, she listened to her friends talk while drunk.
"Alcholics," she whispered to herself.
Katherine pulled up to a log cabin that they were going to be staying at for the next two days. They were now at a forest with redwood trees surrounding the cabin. The cabin was built out of old looking wood, but it was in very good condition, and inside was very elegant furniture.
"Adriana, this looks like a place we can..." Anthony trailed off.
"Oh... hehe," Adriana giggled.
The group walked into their assigned rooms, and Anthony and Adriana shared one, as well as Eileen and Alan.
30 minutes later when everybody was in deep sleep...
"Huh? Eileen wake up," Alan whispered, and Eileen opened her eyes.
"I heard a noise, I'm going to see what it was."
"Well I'm coming with you, it's pretty late."
Alan picked up a flashlight and Eileen followed him outside the room. They walked out into the cold night, and Alan waved his flashlight around, investigating their surroundings. They followed a trail that lead deeper into a hiking path, and then...
They heard the sound again.
"Alan... I'm scared..."
"Don't worry, I think we're close to the source."
They walked farther into the woods, and they saw a figure in the distance, messing around with its hands.
"Uhh, hey bud, are you the one making that sound? There's people trying to sleep," Alan asked, but all the figure did was turn its head toward them. The figure then stood up and was looking straight them... and pulled out a pistol on them.
"HEY, HEY, we're not trying t-"
A bullet flew from the darkness and crammed into Alan's head.
"ALAN! OH NO!" Eileen screamed, and she tried to escape the danger. However, she failed to escape as three bullets flew right into her back.
The figure dropped the pistol and dragged the bodies into the darkness...

Chapter One: Return

It was any normal day. Oliver was on his computer at home, playing Craftminers and looking up mindless topics. He heard a ping and looked at his mailbox, an email from Ethan.
"To: Oliver
From: Ethan
Sub: Cabin Returning!

Hey Oliver! It's Ethan, and I am going to tell you that we're going back to the cabin in two days! All of our friends from last time are going except for Alan and Eileen, they texted me that they couldn't go. We're going to go hiking, and many other fun activities. The cabin will be the same one from two years ago! Hope to see you there!"
Oliver finished the email with excitement. Back in the woods with all his friends! He immediately got prepared, and told all his other friends...

2 days later...

Bump bump bump
Cristine was pulling up to the cabin with Ethan in the car.
"I'm excited that we can do this again!" Cristine cheered.
Ethan nodded his head, "Me too," he agreed.
Cristine and Ethan got out of the car and walked to the circle their friends formed.
"Hi guys, what are ya' doin?" asked Ethan.
"Oh hi Ethan! We're just telling eachother scary stories," Anthony replied.
The group was talking about what they did over the two years. They then got to a conversation involving Alan and Eileen.
"So, what do you think Alan and Eileen are up to right now?" Katherine questioned to the group.
"I dunno, dead?!" Olivia joked.
Everybody laughed.
"Nah, I don't think so, they're probably with their families or whatever," Oliver said in a serious tune.
Cristine took out her phone and went on her Facebook account. There was a post from Ethan saying that he found out that there was a murderer on the loose in Greenwood Mountains.
"Hey Ethan, what's with this post involving murderer?" asked Cristine.
"Don't worry, it was just a post to scare my other friend living in these mountains," Ethan replied.
"Oh okay."
The group talked and talked more about their happy times and that, and were all having fun.
"Hey, you guys hear that? I heard som-" Adriana was cut off by Anthony.
"Don't worry Adri, it was probably just a deer."
"Wh-" Adriana was cut off again.
"Deer," the group said in unison.
Katherine got up said that she needed to go to the bathroom, and went inside the cabin.
Katherine went inside Ethan's room, the only bathroom was there. She was about to open the door until she noticed a paper on a desk next to the door. She picked up the paper and skimmed through it.

Your order is complete and we are sending your tools in two days.

From the Xyrc Hardware store.
"Broken pipe," Katherine muttered to herself and she opened the door to the bathroom.

Chapter Two: Scare

Soft, quiet breathing was spread throughout the house; everybody was sleeping. Except Adriana and Anthony, they couldn't sleep. Anthony looked over at Adriana.
"I'm so happy we're here again," cooed Anthony.
"Me too," Adriana quietly said.
"I love you Adriana."
"I love you to-" Adriana got cut off by a noise in Ethan's room, then a loud scream.
Anthony quickly got out of bed and rushed toward Ethan's room, and stopped abruptly in front of his door. He opened the door, slowly and carefully, and then pushed it wide open!
Something lunged at Anthony and the only detail he noted as, "a horrid face."
Anthony screamed and ran into his room. He locked the door and held it shut. He looked at the end of the room and another one of those things lunged at him.
At this moment Anthony knew, it was over...
Anthony knew that voice from anywhere: Oliver's.
"Oh my God... Anthony, you should'a seen the look on your face."
"Dude! That wasn't cool! You made Adriana cry you little :red:!" And in fact, Adriana was crying, curled up into a ball and paranoid.
"Then who was that who jumped me in Ethan's room!?" Anthony asked loudly.
"That was Cristine dude... scared cat, haha!" Oliver answered.
Anthony unlocked the door and Cristine came through the door giggling.
Anthony gestured them out and closed the door behind them.
"Can't believed you and I were scared like that..."
In the morning...
The group was outside, Katherine and Olivia making pancakes and the group conversing as usual.
"Wow, Cristine, YOU actually did that? That's pretty awesome," Ethan complimented Cristine.
"Why, I didn't know you would be impressed, thanks Ethan!" thanked Cristine.
Trot trot trot
A horse trotted through the landscape, with someone on it.
They stopped behind a big shrub, peeked and saw something.
Five people in a circle, he took a closer look and saw a person.
"Them... Those... I must..."
"Jess, estrot!" And the person and their horse went away...
The group had their pancakes, and were talking about a news story where three corpses found in a house.
"They said that there was no blood involved at all! There was only a knife, and unfortunately, there was no fingerprints scanned!" Adriana exclaimed.
The rest of the group was interested, and later conversed about the prank Oliver did the previous night.

Chapter Three: Regret

It was sundown, and the group was hiking, pointing at beautiful views and jumping over rocks. It was all fun for them, and they finally stopped at the edge of a cliff.
"Wow, nature sure is beautiful," Katherine said under her breath.
"Yeah, it is..." Olivia agreed.
The cliff hung over a river that was streaming rapidly, with rocks jutting out of it. There was a little staircase that was built for them that lead down to the river, so they all took slow steps down the stairs, and they played in th river, splashing water all over eachother.
They all got out later, and took a different type of trail back to The cabin, it seemed more shorter than the one they took earlier.
There were trees hovering over the group, making everything tinted green and shady.
"Wow, this is a cool little spot!" Ethan spurred.
"Yeah, it is," Cristine agreed, and everybody else looked around with amazement.
A horrible sound came from their left and they all turned their heads that way, but Anthony was the only one that noticed a black horse, laying on a few rocks, in pain.
"Guys, that horse!" Anthony informed the group and they all jogged toward it. The horse was a beautiful one, its mane was luxurious and smooth.
Everybody looked at it, and found what made it uncomfortable, 3 huge scratches carved into its tissue. They luckily, had a few wraps of bandages with them.
"Guys, hang on, I think I can help it," Adriana said unevenly, and she wrapped the bleeding scars with the white bandages.
The bandages got soaked with blood in no time, but they were sure it'll help a little bit.
"Okay, bud, let's get up, can you walk?" Anthony muttered to the horse, and it did, it got up and walked perfectly.
"Alright, there we go! I think we solved the little problem!" Adriana said...
They turned around a saw a huge pack of wolves sprinting their way.
They managed to get to the group, and one of then tackled Anthony. Anthony wrestled with it and rolled around, and then he got to another edge of a cliff.
The fight got extremely risky, as Anthony pushed and pushed toward the hang.
The worst thing happened.
Anthony managed to push it off, but with the force he used, he pushed it off the cliff. Anthony started feeling the sting in his eyes, as he saw the wolf fall more and more toward its death.
He closed his eyes, and heard it...
It was done, over, and Anthony was speechless at what he just did.
"Anthony, what did you do...?" Olivia asked under her breath...
Step... step... step...
The sound of the steps echoed throughout the walls of the cave, and they knew, they were at the exit of the cave.
They saw the group of adults earlier, and they needed to find them again.
They found the opening of a cave, and they saw a wolf corpse outside of the opening.
They were disgusted.
They walked out of the cave, and they looked straight up.
They saw them again, a young man talking with a group.
They looked at the wolf corpse next to them, and dragged it inside the cave.

They took a staircase toward the group...

Chapter Four: Escape

Each step they took, closer and closer, made fear spread.
They readied their hook, ready to confront the group of young adults.
"Guys, guys, what would YOU do if you were assaulted by a pack of wolves?" Anthony asked the group.
However, they did not answer, as they cowered at the sight of them.
The group looked at them.
They were armed with a deadly hook, and had much body armor on them. Defensive attachments strapped onto them.
They looked ready to kill.
Upon further investigation, the group found out that they...
was a she...
"Heheh... I've been living in these woods, waiting for one of you nobodies to show up, and I have got you... ALL OF YOU!" She rasped, and she prepared her hook, and threw it at Adriana.
Adriana managed to avoid it by ducking her head.
"G-guys, this person doesn't seem nice... RUN!" Ethan commanded.
The group ran away, retreating, while she walked slowly toward them, seeming nonchalant.
"Well, well, well. They don't know what I've restricted them of their escape plans..." She muttered.
The group saw the cabin through the dense leaves, feeling relieved of safety.
When they had the chance, they got into their cars.
Anthony ran into his truck and turned the key.
The car didn't work.
He tried again.
No dice.
Then, he looked out the car window, and she popped up in his view.
"YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!" She yelled, then she revealed a can of gasoline.
Anthony crawled over to the other side of the car, but couldn't get out.
He was stuck in there.
He had to watch his incoming death as she poured more and more gasoline all over his truck.
Then when she appeared to be finished, she pulled out a lighter.
"Goodbye... Anthony" She cackled.
She threw the lighter on the car and she backed up to see the show.
Anthony was tearing up, his death becoming more and more sad.
"Goodbye, guys..." Anthony said under his breath.
The car blew up.
Anthony burned inside the wreck.
His body burning up, continuously becoming damaged.
The car was in flames.
She looked at the destruction laughing.
Anthony... was dead.
Hello reader.
As you can see, Anthony is now dead.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am the Boss, and this is my story.
In this story, you will experience many sad tragedies.
As you the reader continue reading the story, keep in mind this question.
Have you used time correctly?
Now, let's continue, now... whose perspective should we take...? Aha! Katherine's! Let's begin.
"Did you hear that Cristine? It was Anthony's car exploding!" Katherine explained to Cristine.
Katherine and Cristine were hiding under a table, but the table was perfectly hidden, so it was the best place they can go on such short notice.
"Why do you think that murderer is here?" Cristine asked Katherine.
"I dunno, but we should stay away from her as much as possible." Katherine replied.
Then, they heard the door to the room that they were in open, and they heard heavy footsteps.
Cristine looked around, trying to find anything she can defend herself with.
"I know you're in here... Now you better come out, no use to hiding."
She whispered.
Cristine managed to find a scissor razor, but it was right across from her, and in order to get it, she had to crawl across the floor to get it.
She crawled amongst the floor, trying to make as little sound as possible.
She rolled under a table, And made a creaking sound.
The murderer jerked there head behind her, and investigated the floor.
Cristine managed to get the scissor razor in her hand.
The murderer was staring directly at her.
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This is pretty damn good, I'll be watching this.

Thanks for the words.

Okay so this story is official now, with Chapter One being released, so go read that.

Chapter One was basically introducing the reader to the characters more, so I tried to make it an easygoing and calm chapter.

I also hid two references in Chapter One, go see if you can find them. ;)


Chapter Two has been released!

Chapter Two was meant to build some false suspension in the story so it can keep it interesting a little bit.

It was also meant to be the chapter where bit of the problem would be revealed, but more about the problem will be shown in the next chapter! ;)

Have a great night, morning or afternoon!


mc dun duun duuun mooncriift comfarmed jk i love it and i love you
[DOUBLEPOST=1441902168,1441902090][/DOUBLEPOST]i feel like im a bit oliver
but am adam


Cryx, completes his assignments, and looks through the Forums.
He saw his story, and immediately starts writing...

Chapter Three released!
Chapter Three was just another chapter I didn't intend to have a full purpose, but the ending I put a lot of thought into...

"They took a staircase toward the group..."


Chapter 4 released!

Don't read the spoiler below before you start reading.

The murderer is a female.
The Boss.
Anthony is now off the story, because of death.
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