disk or disc

disk or disc

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Headless Horseman
Disc is seen more often in the music industry and throwable objects such as Frisbees, whereas disk is the preferred spelling in computer-related lingo such as floppy disk.
(Taken from google)


Eater of Worlds
Disk is most computer discks and disc is any oðer disc. Þings like ðe maþematical definition of a disc and frisbees are discs while a floppy disk is a disk.


The difference is in regional spelling. (American vs Brittish)

Just like Armor and Armour mean the same thing
However in America cds were called ”discs” back in the day. So I don’t believe there is any regionality going on with this. Disk was 3.5 and 5.25 inch diskettes or hdd disks.


Brain of Cthulhu
Most common usage I've seen: Disk refers to a medium of storage. Disc refers to a shape. Hard disk drive (means of storage) / Compact disc (referring to the shape of a CD). I've also seen usage that disk is magnetic storage (floppy disk, hard disk, ZIP disk) and disc is for optical storage (CD, DVD, Bluray).

Strangely, you never hear of disk/disc being used for electronic means of storage like for USB flash drives or SSDs.
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