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    Me post Nebula pillar

    -*makes nebula blaze* gosh this thing sucks, whatawaste. I wish I could dismantle this and make a second sigil.

    I want a station that can dismantle your items into its main components, but not all of it is recovered cuz or else that would be game breaking-ish

    you know when you accidently craft a helmet instead of a headgear? well if the devs put this in 1.5 or 1.4, you could dismantle it

    It should have a chance to drop from the mech bosses, like 1% or something
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  2. sharkman0101

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    I strongly support any idea that advocates the recycling of materials from already complete components, but I don't think it should be a rare manifestation from the mech bosses. If anything, it should be a utility that we can procure earlier in the game so that we can put it to use and maximize the materials we get early game to make it less of a hassle to manage our resources.