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tModLoader DNI Risk System



DNI Risk System

Download: GitHub

This mods adds a new mechanic that makes battles more... risky. *pun intended..?*

Once you have this mod, you will find a semi-intrusive bar below your buffs!


That is called the Risk Gauge! The more this gauge is filled, the more damage you deal and receive! Aside that, your critical rate also increases! Neat-o!


Once you hit enemies successfully, the gauge will fill up slowly. The gauge will also go to battle mode, which disables the decrease of risk.
If you want to decrease risk, all you have to do is stay away from enemies and not hit anything (including your summons!)
Neat tip: You can hold Left Shift to see the current effects of your Risk.

Once the gauge is completely filled, you can press "X" or "Left Shift + X" (configurable) to activate special buffs that makes this even a lot more riskier! Yay~!

Risk Taker (activated by pressing X)
Damage dealt and received is doubled, 30% higher critical rate

Risk Breaker (activated by pressing Shift + X)
Damage dealt and received is halved, 10% lower critical rate

Riskproof (automatically activated after any of the above buffs)
Cannot gain any risk
  • v1.0
    • Initial release
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verry risky to get but a good challage
Please try it out and send feedback! :D

Oooooo.. i think ill love to test this one too <3
<3 Tell me how it works out for you!

Nice one!

Can this also work with Calamity's Rage/Adrenaline Meters?
Yes, this should be completely compatible with the Calamity meters. I forgot that they were a thing cuz I probably haven't done Revengeance mode yet. xD


whatever happened to this mod?
I don't really have much to put in this. xD
It's at a complete standstill because it's all I can think of.
I based it on an actual system in a PS1/PSX game called Vagrant Story, and just added the buffs as a feature.


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Hello, apparently this mod isn't on the browser anymore? I've had it since back when it was updated and it still works perfectly fine. I recently started a YT series with this mod in the modpack and a lot of people are asking about it. Will you be uploading it to the browser again? Again, it doesn't seem to even need any updates, since it functions perfectly.


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Is this mod compatible with the newest versions of TModLoader? I'd like to give it a shot, but even installing it manually brings nothing up


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Hi guys, I've accidentally deleted the mod from the browser, and I lost my code. However, I still have a copy from GitHub, so you can download it there:

I'll edit the main post as well.
I have a version of it that I downloaded from the browser a year or so ago. I can send that your way if you would like, since it works fine for me in the current tModLoader. Let me know if it's ever ok for me to attach it here for others to download too. I would never share actual mod files without the authors' permissions, so let me know.
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