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After looking around for a good Donkey Kong wavebank, I was disappointed in the quality of the song choices. We all love the Disco Train theme, but it really doesn't fit anywhere in Terraria lol (unless someone wants to mod in a 40th song that starts when you get on a railroad track...). So I made my own wavebank using @StarXStone 's excellent guide. I had the help of two buddies for song choice. One of them played all the Donkey Kong games as a kid like me, and one of them was new to the music. So we were able to come up with a great playlist that feels immersive with Terraria instead of distracting and intrusive like so many of the other custom wave banks

If you don't know how to put this into your game already, simply go to you Terraria Content folder, and make a back up of the file "wavebank.xwb" so you can revert back to the original music anytime you like. Then replace that file with the "wavebank.xwb" from my Donkey Kong Wavebank folder.

Let me know if you have any trouble with the download or have other feedback =D

Download link:
(Compatible with the latest version of Terraria at time of post


1. Night // Fear Factory DKC1
2. Eerie (Bloodmoon/Meteor) // Big Boss Blues DKC3
3. Day #1 // Simian Segue DKC1
4. Boss #1 // Boss Bossanova DKC2
5. Title Screen // Intro Theme DKC1
6. Jungle biome // Treetop Tumble DKC3
7. Corruption biome // DKC3 24
8. Hallow biome // Waterworld DKC3
9. Underground Corruption // Mama Bird DKC1
10. Underground Hallow // Crystal Chasm DKC3
11. Boss #2 (Wall of Flesh, The Twins) // Bad Boss Boogie DKC1
12. Underground #1 // Mining Melancholy DKC2
13. Boss #3 (Brain of Cthulu, The Destroyer, Frost Legion) // Haunted Chase DKC2
14. Snow Biome // Ice Cave Chant DKC1
15. Space // Stickerbrush Symphony DKC2
16. Crimson biome // Pokey Pipes DKC3
17. Boss #4 (Golem) // Klubba's Reveille DKC2
18. Day #2 // DK Isle DK64
19. Rain (Music) // Island Swing DKC1
20. Underground Snow // In a Snowbound Land DKC2
21. Desert biome // Rockface Rumble DKC3
22. Ocean biome // Stilt Village DKC3
23. Dungeon // Krook's March (Kastle Krush) DKC2
24. Boss #4 (Plantera) // Primal Rave DKC2
25. Boss #5 (Queen Bee) // Treetop Rock DKC1
26. Lihzard Temple // Voices of the Temple DKC1
27. Solar Eclipse // Crocodile Cacophany DKC2
28. RAIN SOUND EFFECTS // Rain by Mike Koenig
29. Mushroom Biome // Bayou Boogie DKC2
30. Pumpkin Moon event // Forest Boss DK64
31. Underground #2 // Minecart Madness DKC1
32. Frost Moon event // Jangle Bells DKC3
33. Underground Crimson // Lockjaw's Locker DKC2
34. Celestial Towers // Diddys Jet Pack DK64
35. Pirate Invasion // Gangplank Galleon DKC1
36. Underworld/Hell // Hot Head Bop DKC2
37. Martian Madness event // Rocket Run DKC3
38. Lunar Boss // The Arcade Machine Lives DK64
39. Goblin Invasion // Hot Pursuit DKC3
I gotta say, I'm loving this sound pack, man. :3 If only slime rain had its own theme, you could use Disco Train for that. xD
Kinda surprised no one else has said anything about this pack yet. It has been a month since you posted this, it seems. :eek:


Don't know if its cause its old or not, but the wavebank seems to only let music play and disables any other kind of sound ingame outright.
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