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Dyed glowing armour light needs to be dyed.


Empress of Light
Many late game/end game armour sets emit a glow of light around them. When you use an undyed set, it works fine. However, when you're character is any colour other than the colour of the glow, it looks silly. A red glow on green armour doesn't really even make Terraria-sense. What I suggest is to have it so that, when an armour set is dyed (or just the chestplate, maybe?) the glow of the armour changes to the colour of the dye. A black and X dye would emit a darker colour, and a silver and X dye would emit a brighter colour. Special animated dyes would change colour according to the animation. Hades dyes would fluctuate brighter and darker, as would acid dyes and similar, living dyes would cycle the colours, etc.

For the mining helmet, it would use the helmet slot.

So, what do you think?
I understand that you may want a different glow to your dye, but this is the simplest way of fixing an irritating problem. For those who want the default glow with their dyes, a toggle button could be included, like with accessories.
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