Easiest Mechanical Boss? (Poll)

Which of The Mechanical Bosses Was The Easiest To Defeat?

  • The Twins

    Votes: 26 20.8%
  • The Destoyer

    Votes: 64 51.2%
  • Skeletron Prime

    Votes: 29 23.2%
  • About The Same

    Votes: 6 4.8%

  • Total voters


Hello fellow Terrarians!

I have a question for you. If you have successfully defeated every one of the mechanical bosses, which one do you personally believe is the easiest to defeat, why, and how did you personally defeat them? Post your opinions, and participate in the poll! Thanks for participating! :merchantgrin:

- Volans
Destroyer gets... well... destroyed by piercing weapons like Golden Shower or Jester Arrows. Daedalus Bow + Holy Arrows shreds him as well

Not to mention you get the Megashark from him
The Destroyer. With a high enough arena and fast, piercing weapons you can obliterate him in a minute. Don't forget the Daedalus Stormbow with Holy Arrows which just makes this battle a piece of cake.
In my opinion, the Skeletron Prime is the easiest of all of the Mechanical Bosses.
It literraly just flies around, aimlessly trying to shoot stuff that usually misses and a chainsaw that can hit you, but you heal fast enough to take it on. With heart lanterns, campfires, honey, and heart statues, this boss is the easiest. Im having trouble with destroyer even after preparing like that.
Destroyer gets... well... destroyed by piercing weapons like Golden Shower or Jester Arrows. Daedalus Bow + Holy Arrows shreds him as well

Not to mention you get the Megashark from him
I am in the process of preparing for him right now. I am working on getting the Corruption's version of the Golden Shower, the Crystal Shower, and the Daedalus Bow, but every time I spawn a Hallow Mimic, I keep getting everything but the bow, so progress is slow. Did you make a really long platform to fight him on, or how did you do it?
Skeleton Prime I'll have to say.

His attacks are easily dodgeable, and making platforms makes the grenades useless. The only thing which makes him slightly difficult is that he takes the longest to kill.
I'm gonna have to go with Skeletron Prime on this one. It's a really close match between him and The Destroyer, especially since the probes The Destroyer has drop hearts, but Skeletron Prime is really the easiest to dodge out of all the mechanical bosses, attacks somewhat infrequently, and is easy with any weapon with a good amount of range. Seriously, I even found this guy easy back in 1.1 when the mechanical bosses were the absolute most difficult bosses in the game and the best weapons for each class were the Excalibur, Crystal Storm, and Megashark.
For me each of the mechanical bosses has a certain weakness. The Destroyer is weak to the stormbow, and it can kill him in seconds. The twins can't deal with extremely mobile players very well. They're easy to dodge by just running or riding in a straight line. However, especially in expert mode, Skeletron Prime is not only the boss that is the easiest to dodge even if you have low mobility but also the boss that gets easier as the battle goes on as opposed to the destroyer and especially the twins. Gonna have to go with Skeletron Prime on balance. He's the easiest mechanical boss without a very specific weakness other than just playing good against him.
Destroyer is easiest, but Skeletron Prime is a close second, because in my experience the only thing that's dangerous about him is the time limit.
The destroyer is probably the most ironic boss in the game, because I can destroy him in literal seconds
By the way, I heard a few people say that at a certain height, the destroyer won't go any higher, what is that block limit?
In Expert, the Destroyer is a nightmare. In normal, SP is still the hardest imo.
Edit: Forgot to mention that Twins are easiest in Expert, and Destroyer in normal imo.
If we're not using weapons that arguably cheese bosses in seconds, I'd have to go with Skeletron Prime.
The Daedalus Stormbow makes short work of several bosses, though, especially the Destroyer, who, in my experience, doesn't even get a chance to attack if you use unreal DS + Holy Arrows + Archery Potion + magic quiver + ranger emblem + any other damage buffs or accessories of your choice. He literally dies in under 5 seconds. It's genuinely laughable.
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