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Easy way to find lizhard temple


Staff member
To find the Lihzahrd Temple, a good way is to understand how far your Jungle Stretches on the surface horizontally, if you have not seen all of the surface level jungle on your map, I'd recommend exploring it to get it filled out on your map. Because it will give you a good estimate on how wide your Underground Jungle is which will help narrowing down the area where your Temple could be.

From there, check to see if there are large gaps on your map where the Underground Jungle is, any areas you haven't explored that seem to make up a large portion of unexplored Jungle, I'd recommend doing that. Such as if you haven't explored the left or right portion of your Underground Jungle. At the same time, it is also good for knocking out 2 birds with one stone by mining Chlorophyte as you explore the areas you haven't been to yet.

After exploring the large gaps in your map, the Temple will be found eventually.
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