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    [​IMG] Welcome to the Elemental Boots mod for tModLoader! [​IMG]
    It allows you to combine several Terraria accessories and adds some other stuff

    Finally updated for tModLoader! (Mostly)
    Documentation will be available on GitHub soon

    Some of the items:

    Mod spotlight by Elder Sign for v1.8

    [​IMG] Surface Chest
    [​IMG] Slingshot
    Allows you to shoot Acorns and deals 20 damage and 5 knockback but you can only shoot in the direction you are facing.

    [​IMG] Underground Chest
    [​IMG] Extinguisher
    - Can be used as weapon or accessory
    - Can shoot out smoke that damages entities
    - Every Smoke particle does 2 damage
    - If used as accessory it provides Immunity to fire blocks like Meteorite

    [​IMG] Spiky Ball Blaster
    Shoots Spiky balls

    [​IMG] Magnet
    Attracts nearby items (~ +13 Blocks)


    [​IMG] Sky Island Chest
    [​IMG] Tornado in a Bottle
    Another double jump item (with cool tornado effect)


    [​IMG] Work Bench
    Inventor's Workshop
    [​IMG] Tinkerer's Workshop + 10 x [​IMG] Wood + [​IMG] Wooden Table + [​IMG] Spell Tome
    Combine several accessories with this!


    [​IMG] Bookcase
    [​IMG] Ice Storm
    - Shoots Ice Crystals [​IMG] that split after some time
    - Does 20 damage per crystal
    - The damage reduces a bit per crystal if another one splits off


    [​IMG] Tinkerer's Workshop
    [​IMG] Tornado in a Balloon
    [​IMG] Shiny Red Balloon + [​IMG] Tornado in a Bottle
    Increases Jump Height and allows to double jump

    [​IMG] Black Horseshoe Balloon
    [​IMG] Tornado in a Balloon + [​IMG] Lucky Horseshoe
    - More Jump Height
    - Double Jump
    - No Fall dmg.

    [​IMG] Illuminant Heart Necklace
    [​IMG] Sweetheart Necklace + [​IMG] Illuminant Pearl
    Applies [​IMG] Panic! and [​IMG] Illuminant (Just makes the player glow) Buff
    and shoots out an [​IMG] Illuminant Crystal (homes on npcs and hits multiple times)
    when damaged.
    It restores you full healt if you die.

    [​IMG] Illuminant Star Necklace
    [​IMG] Star Veil + [​IMG] Illuminant Pearl
    Like the Star Veil it causes Stars to fall and increases you invincibility time. Also applies the [​IMG] Illuminant Buff.
    It restores your full mana if you die.

    [​IMG] True Demon Wings
    [​IMG] Demon Wings + [​IMG] Broken Hero Wings
    Flight time: 140
    Max. Flight Speed: 8
    Bonus Movement Speed Accelleration: 0

    [​IMG] True Angel Wings
    [​IMG] Angel Wings + [​IMG] Broken Hero Wings
    Flight time: 140
    Max. Flight Speed: 8
    Bonus Movement Speed Accelleration: 0

    [​IMG] Terra Wings
    [​IMG] True DemonWings + [​IMG] True Angel Wings + [​IMG] Broken Hero Wings
    Flight time: 300
    Max. Flight Speed: 10
    Bonus Movement Speed Accelleration: *2

    [​IMG] Inventor's Workshop
    [​IMG] Big Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Bundle of Balloons + [​IMG] Fart in a Balloon + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight
    Allows to QUINTUPLE JUMP!

    [​IMG] Horseshoe Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Big Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Lucky Horseshoe
    Quintuple jump + negates fall damage.

    [​IMG] Horseshoe Honey Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Horseshoe Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Honey Comb
    - Quintuple jump
    - no fall damage
    - releases bees when damaged

    [​IMG] Huge Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Big Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Tornado in a Balloon + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight
    [​IMG] Bundle of Balloons + [​IMG] Fart in a Balloon + [​IMG] Tornado in a Balloon + 10 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight

    [​IMG] Huge Horseshoe Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Huge Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Lucky Horseshoe
    [​IMG] Horseshoe Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Tornado in a Balloon + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight

    - Sextuple Jump
    - No Fall dmg.

    [​IMG] Huge Horseshoe Honey Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Huge Horseshoe Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Honey Comb
    [​IMG] Horseshoe Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Tornado in a Balloon + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight
    - Sextuple Jump
    - No Fall dmg.
    - releases Bees when damaged

    [​IMG] Giant Balloon Bundle
    [​IMG] Huge Balloon Bundle + [​IMG] Pufferfish Balloon


    [​IMG] Giant Horseshoe Balloon Bundle
    - No Fall dmg.

    [​IMG] Giant Horseshoe Honey Balloon Bundle

    - No Fall dmg.
    - releases Bees when damaged

    [​IMG] Elemental Boots
    [​IMG] Frostspark Boots + [​IMG] Lava Waders + 20 x [​IMG] Soul of Light + 10 x [​IMG] Ichor
    [​IMG] Frostspark Boots + [​IMG] Lava Waders + 20 x [​IMG] Soul of Light + 10 x [​IMG] Cursed Flame
    - Abilities of the Frostspark Boots
    - Lava Waders
    - tiny bit more movement speed
    - 3x the jet height of the frostspark boots!!!

    [​IMG] Magma Claws
    [​IMG] Fire Gauntlet + [​IMG] Climbing Claws
    Fire Gauntlet + Climbing Claws in one item.

    [​IMG] Magma Climbing Gear
    [​IMG] Magma Claws + [​IMG] Shoe Spikes
    [​IMG] Fire Gauntlet + [​IMG] Tiger Climbing Gear + 2 x [​IMG] Soul of Might
    Fire Gauntlet + Tiger Climbing Gear in one item.

    [​IMG] Flaming Ninja Gear
    [​IMG] Magma Climbing Gear + [​IMG] Tabi + [​IMG] Black Belt
    [​IMG] Fire Gauntlet + [​IMG] Master Ninja Gear + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Might
    Master Ninja Gear combined with the great powers of the Fire Gauntlet

    [​IMG] Nightsky Necklace
    [​IMG] Moon Shell + [​IMG] Star Veil
    Moon Shell + Star Veil in one item.

    [​IMG] Poison Bubble Wand
    [​IMG] Bubble Wand + [​IMG] Poison Staff
    A magic weapon that blows toxic bubbles which do 50 damage each!
    Each swing costs 5 mana, but creates several bubbles.

    [​IMG] Illuminant Pearls Necklace
    [​IMG] Illuminant Heart Necklace + [​IMG] Illuminant Star Necklace
    A powerful item that combines the Illuminated Heart Necklace and the Illuminated Star Necklace and gives a little bit more damage to the [​IMG] Illuminant Crystal.
    It refills your health and mana if you die.

    [​IMG] Fiery Shell
    [​IMG] Neptune's Shell + [​IMG] Lava Charm
    With this shell you can be in Merfolk form not only in water but also in lava!
    It makes you immune to lava for 12 seconds.

    [​IMG] Elemental Wings
    [​IMG] Leaf Wings + [​IMG] Frozen Wings + [​IMG] Flame Wings + [​IMG] Ghost Wings
    + 20 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight
    Flight time: 600
    Max. Flight Speed: 12
    Bonus Movement Speed Accelleration: *2

    [​IMG] Phasewings (all colors)
    [​IMG] Phaseblade + 20 x [​IMG] Crystal Shard + 20 x [​IMG] Lens + 10 x [​IMG] Iron Bar (Lead)
    + 20 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight
    Flight time: 200
    Max. Flight Speed: 12
    Bonus Movement Speed Accelleration: *2

    [​IMG] Spectrum Wings
    [​IMG] Phasewings + 10 x [​IMG] Prism + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Flight
    Flight time: 300
    Max. Flight Speed: 14
    Bonus Movement Speed Accelleration: *10

    [​IMG] Frozen Turtle Shield
    Frozen Turtle Shell + [​IMG] Paladin's Shield
    - Absorbs 25% of damage done to players on your team when above 25% life
    - Below 25% it gives 30 extra defense


    [​IMG] Inventor's Workshop + [​IMG] Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil
    [​IMG] Prism x10
    10 x [​IMG] Glass + 1 x [​IMG] Diamond + 5 x [​IMG] Soul of Light

    [​IMG] Illuminant Slime / [​IMG] Illuminant Bat
    [​IMG] Illuminant Pearl
    A powerful Pearl that is dropped by Illuminant Slimes and Illuminant Bats (1.67%)

    Mothron / Eyezor
    [​IMG] Broken Hero Wings


    Download the latest version via Mod Browser or on GitHub


    Fruitbat for his great balloon textures, his illuminated stuff and the Frozen Turtle Shield texture!
    thelavaknightdm2 for his cool Elemental Boots texture color upgrade!

    kentanggoreng92 for his Lava Shell idea!
    Battle Bee for his textures for the Spiky Ball Blaster, Ice Storm, Extinguisher, Magnet, Space Rifle, Space Laser and Lil' Bombard!
    DryCryCrystal for the Pickaxe, Bow Book and Blade of Elemental sprites and ideas!
    [MG]Mecha-Pumpking(TM) for his baby frost slime sprites and ideas!
    Grox the Great for his rotation method to make staves look right!
    Everybody for his Band of Stamina and Band of Anarchy idea and textures!

    + Fixed
    - crash when loading the mod

    - Updated for tModLoader

    + Fixed:
    - Compatibility with tAPI r16
    + Changed:
    - Inventor's Workshop

    + Fixed:
    - Magnets are now generated again in chests (if you created a world with 1.8 or 1.8a use the retrogen option in the mod options menu for this mod)
    - Changed some loot conditions
    - Changed versioning scheme

    + Fixed:
    - crash when cheating in Frost Slime pet
    - error message when starting with a few other mods

    + Added:
    - Space Rifle
    - Laser Rifle
    - Band of Stamina
    - Band of Anarchy
    - Lil' Bombard
    - Funnel (allows you to convert a weather in a bottle into another
    for example cloud into sandstorm)
    - Baby frost slime attack
    - chest retrogen (allows to generate chest loot from this mod into existing worlds)
    - other options
    + Fixed:
    - Items generating in the wrong chests
    + Changed:
    - Adjusted chest loot spawning chances
    - Illuminant pearls are now dropped from all illuminant creatures
    (everything that drops souls of light)
    - Terra wings now require the Inventor's Workshop to craft

    - added Illuminant Staff
    - added Frozen Slime
    - new Phasewings recipe (Meteorite bars instead of tier2 bars)
    - many texture upgrades

    - fixed climbing on ropes or chains with wings
    - fixed grappling with wings
    - fixed double fast sandstorm with sandstorm in a balloon after tornado in a balloon
    - ice storm now does not spawn in world anymore.
    it is now crafted with a frost core and a spell tome near a bookcase

    - added Frozen Turtle Shield (by Fruitbat)
    - added Tornado in a Bottle (spawns in sky island chests)
    - added Tornado in a Balloon
    - added Black Horseshoe Balloon
    - added Giant Balloon Bundle variations
    - added Spiky Ball Blaster (found in chests underground)
    - added Magnet that sucks items to you (also found in underground chests)
    - added Extinguisher (underground chests)
    - added Ice Storm. A magic weapon that shoots ice crystals which split overtime (found in underground chests)
    - Illuminant Crystal now has a cooldown of 3-4 seconds

    - glitch fixed where you could, after you died, put an illuminant item in your acc slot and gain your life back

    - updated for tAPI r12
    - added balloon texture on player

    - fixed error with wings

    - updated for tAPI r9

    - Changed recipe for Spectrum wings and prism

    - adjusted some recipes

    - added Phasewings, Spectrum Wings, Broken Hero Wings, True Demon Wings, True Angel Wings, Terra Wings and Elemental Wings

    - added Lava Shell
    - compiled with tAPI r6

    - Illuminant Pearls Necklace is now crafted in the inventor's workshop
    - some texture issues

    - new Elemental Boots texture thanks to thelavaknightdm2
    - added Illuminated Stuff by Fruitbat

    - fixed dedicated Server crashing (now multiplayer ready)

    - fixed Sell price and rarity

    - added Slingshot

    - better elemental boots particle effects
    - tripled elemental boots jet height

    - changed Poison Bubble Wand recipe to use Poison Staff instead of Flask of Poison to make you get it earlier and therefore reduced damage of the bubbles from 52 to 50

    - added Poison Bubble Wand

    - Weighted Honey Balloon Bundle!

    - added the Flaming Ninja Gear

    - recipes are now much cheaper

    - Used Fruitbat's textures for balloons
    - added Green Horsehoes Balloon (texture also by Fruitbat)
    - Fixed Rarities and Sell Prices

    - new recipes

    - initial release
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  2. ThatGamer

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    This looks cool :0
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  3. CorruptdWarrior

    CorruptdWarrior Plantera

    I almost downloaded the mod from the direct download. But I thought to myself "Nah. This is a good mod. He needs some support." So I downloaded it from Adfly. You're welcome. ^-^
  4. Pokenar

    Pokenar Official Terrarian

    This looks good

    my only question: can we got height stats on the wings?
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  5. Pokenar

    Pokenar Official Terrarian

    While playing on a server, with only this mod and the difficulty mod enabled, sometimes opening a chest causes a crash.
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  6. Guiding Intense

    Guiding Intense Terrarian

    Your mod is amazing!
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  7. zeskorion

    zeskorion Skeletron

    with all these elemental boots i keep thinking of my MORE ROCKET BOOTS suggestion in my sig
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  8. LolHens

    LolHens Terrarian

    Thank you all for your nice feedback!

    yeah yo're right. I probably should mention them in the items spoiler. I will add that later today.

    I'll will look at it.

    I will have to look into this and try it out with that mod.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2014
  9. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    This is even better then it used to be!
    The thread is build better then it was on TO!
    Good job!
    And to think it all started as a boots mod!
    Also, are you considering combining the Ankh Shield, Paladins Shield and frozen turtle shell? :D
  10. willsp

    willsp Skeletron Prime

    I love these ideas! but I think the spite for elemental boot needs a little work (it looks a little unstable try making it a little less colourful

    also here's an idea for the boots and what it would look when combined with an ankh charm/shield (not made just now I was going to make a thread earlier but gave up on the idea) ankh boots.png sorry about image quality
  11. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    WHY would you combine BOOTS with a charm that can make a badbutt shield!?
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  12. willsp

    willsp Skeletron Prime

    1. I said you could use the shield as a component

    2. because it goes with the whole "elemental resistance" theme

    3. cause why not?
  13. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    1. That's even worse in my opinion, the shield has a lot more potential then simply being combined with boots...

    2. The only elemental resistance here is are the elemental boots, which simply combines 2 boot accessories which the community wanted them together.
    So you can't call this the theme of the mod.

    3. Because its a waste.
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  14. JoeReturns

    JoeReturns Terrarian

    The wings look really nice :). Great job
  15. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    Since there is a lava shell, why not make a Fiery Nightsky Necklace? :p
  16. willsp

    willsp Skeletron Prime

    ok 1 it would still negate knockback

    2 elemental resistance meaning the fact that its immune to the forces of nature (aka the mob debuffs) and I meant the theme of the item

    3 how is this a any worse of an idea than a "Fiery Nightsky Necklace"

    4 I spent a lot of time on that sprite so don't hate

    5 I really don't see why you're so judgemental

    6 this item would make you basically a GOD on single player and that makes it lame somehow.

    7 I complement your work and think everything almost you suggest is amazing and I think of one lousy idea and you start criticising me? :sigh:why do I even try
  17. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    So basically you are whining because someone criticizes you?
    Welcome to the forums where every suggestion is judged!

    1. Same as the shield, and is still useless because the shield has a lot more potential with combinations.

    What "whole elemental resistance theme"?
    Same as I said before.

    3. It isn't, I never said it is and you are more then welcome to say what you have to say about it.

    4. Its a simple recolor with a small addition, and it looks great, but it still doesn't help the idea.

    5. Because thats how I am.

    6. This wouldn't make you a god...
    It would only take up one accessory slot instead of 3, nothing close to being godlike.

    7. Criticism doesn't do favors mate.
    If one thing is better then the other, it is bound to receive better sayings.
    Also, I can't say "wow this is a good idea!" because that is not my opinion, and sugar coating things is never a good thing.
  18. Sapphire wolf

    Sapphire wolf Terrarian

    Why not combine the Hercules beetle, papyrus scarab, necromancer scroll, and pygmy necklace for the ultimate summoning accessorie
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  19. Fruitbat

    Fruitbat Terrarian

    yayy it is updated :3
    now I will install tAPI r12
    also a Frozen turtle shell/Paladin shield combination is really needed in this mod IMO, here is a sprite from my accessories suggestion so you don't need to make one [​IMG](it's called Frozen Turtle Shield I guess..)
  20. DragonFang141

    DragonFang141 Terrarian

    Its not downloading properly.