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Sprites End-Game Flamethrower and TF2 Reference: The Phlogistinator


Rage of the heavens
Death from above
Merciless killing
Death from above"
~Sabaton, Firestorm

Because I was messing around with the Flamethrower and Elf Melter last time I ran through the game, I decided I wanted another flamethrower. There is quite literally no thought put into this suggestion's validity, it's just that I want to kill something with fire. Consider it my inner nutjob showing through for a bit.

Yes, it's TF2's Phlogistinator.

-88 ranged damage
-30 use time (Average)
-0.5 knockback (Extremely weak)
-Inflicts Daybroken debuff (25 DPS)
-Causes a heat blur effect near the flame, which inflicts half the damage of the weapon and inflicts Daybroken
-Dropped by Moon Lord as one of his drops
-Sprays six tendrils of flame (per use) travelling approximately the 3/4 the length of the screen
-Consumes 1 Gel per shot


Great idea for another flame thrower weapon, names a little hard to pronounce, but other than that love the idea, Moon Lord might not be the right boss though either. Maybe a new hard mode underworld enemy that's like a mini boss or something.
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