tModLoader Enemy Affixes

Looks very promising.

Question though -- would this be compatible with "Prefixes for Enemies"? Not so sure I'd even want to stack both of them together in theory, but still curious.
I understand giving all mobs 1 defense to prevent problems with 0, but does this mod also give all mobs 1 extra health? It's pretty weird to see something with hundreds of health...Plus 1. Sorry if this isn't the mod causing this, but it's the one I think is most likely the culprit.
I would probably use this over prefixes for enemies. Just please add an option to disable modifiers for bosses in the config.
Since I didn't say it the first time, this mod is awesome! I love the charm of the player's prefixes lining up with the enemy prefixes. With that said, I've found three more problems that should be fixed:

Enemies with speed increases have a really bad habit of flying through blocks. Slimes, bats, jellyfish, goblins, if it has speed, it's in the wall.

For some reason, all slimes are the same size. This is most noticable with Purple Slimes and Pinky, but does apply to all of them.

The Mysterious Portals of Etheria can have modifiers. That doesn't seem right.
Damn bugs
1: I'll have to increase the tile check radius for the speed multipliers. It's a hack.
2: Whoops
3: Dammit, forgot to test DD2 stuff

Edit: All fixed, see OP or Mod Info for changes
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This mod seems to be incompatible with Calamity:
Yep, I'm seeing that LegacyMisc thing too, but apart from that, it's nice and clean. `:) May I suggest a couple of addons? One that changes drop chances and coins based on the modifier, and another that makes bosses always normal, at least for the first kill.
Sure, that might be a thrill on some runs. `;) But if you're doing, say, a hardcore speed run, it might be nice to have the option for normal bosses on the first try.
knockBackResistFactor multiplies the original affix's Critical Chance by a little before it gets applied to a Monster's Knockback resistance.
knockBackScaleFactor does the same, but applies to the Monster's scale instead.
It's defaulted to 4 as then it aligns them with the other values. I may hard code it and remove from the config.
I'll change the OP to show either way.

Later, I'll plan on having specific classes of NPCs only have specific sets of affixes. Modded NPCs may have some basic checks, but will require some manual additions to make them choose the appropriate group.
And no, I'm not going through Tremor's 89565418 NPCs.
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Do you still have your mod verson if you do can i download that (i'm still whating for my other mods to update:confused:) if you can thanks:)
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