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    Hello everyone!

    Recently while working on my mod, I decided to touch the World Selection UI and make it give a bit a more information than it currently does.
    It's not a mod that add content or anything, it's just purely visual!

    1. Presentation
    2. Visual
    3. How does this work?
    4. Mod compatibility
    5. Planned feature
    6. Download (once it's out of testing phase)
    7. Credit


    Enhanced World Selection UI is a mod that is destinated to improve your world selection menu by adding more info to it! You ever wondered wich world is in the etherial dimension or wich one is in death mode? Well this is the mod for you!

    Visual (suspect to change)


    How does this work?
    So normally on world selection menu, no tag compound are loaded wich mean that there is normally no way to get those data. Tough after a bit of help from rartrin and digging in the source code, I managed to make load the data before you enter in any of the world and make some of them display in a custom world selection UI. Sadly, since there is not real way to add support trough mod call, I have to add the support manually,

    Mod Compatibility
    Terraria Ultra Apocalypse (not released)
    Fargos mod
    The enigma mod
    Sacred Tools (once next update is out)

    If you want me to add support to your mod, feel free to dm me with the following information: Mod internal name, ModWorld name and tag compound that you save in (if it's a list, send me the list name and what type of list it is).

    Planned feature
    Adding a side panel that will display information instead of showing below vanilla information
    More mod support

    Not released yet

    Blumagic123, jopojelly and Jofairden for making tmodloader
    Rartrin for helping me with getting the tag compound from the twld file
    Myself for making this mod
    RE-Logic for making this really awesome game!
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    Reserving in case I need
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    Good job!
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    The top one looks good, though it could get crowded with many mods.
  5. Dradonhunter11

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    yeah, tough for mod support I have to add it manually so I'm making sure this look as clean as possible (wich is why I wanna make a side panel instead)