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Drawings & Paintings Esther's art storage


Official Terrarian
I haven't posted any new drawings here in a while, but I just finished drawing a new OC so here she is:

Her name is currently Areus, but it might change later (but if I can't think of a better name quickly it'll stay the same, also open to suggestions)
(The EG in the corner stands for EstherGamer, my username on various sites)


Official Terrarian
Been a while since I posted something new here, but *casually makes a new fakemon out of boredom*

I went with the name Astrealis, which is a combination of Astral and Borealis.


Official Terrarian
I decided to draw myself twice
Still keeping my gender a secret tho :)
PFP 1 (Neutral).png

(Also my current profile pic after a quick vote on my profile)
PFP 2 (Neutral).png

PFP 1 (Le Smile).png
PFP 1 (Happy person).png
PFP 2 (Le Smile).png
PFP 2 (Happy person).png
(Ian the shiny Eevee)
PFP 1 (Angry).png
PFP 1 (Sad).png
PFP 2 (Angry).png
PFP 2 (Sad).png
PFP 1 (Uuuuhhhh).png
PFP 2 (Uuuuhhhh).png
(I might as well make text box icons with these, but not right now)
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Official Terrarian
Some of you know I've been drawing all of the eeveelutions, and uhh
I don't think I'll be able to do Flareon or Jolteon today (Those two are more detailed than I thought), but I just did Vaporeon:
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