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    Im really sorry i didnt know, Im sorry
    It is not a problem since you were willing to recognize your error.

    One should be familiar with the regulations of the sites or places one visits, but barring that, the best anyone can desire is what you have done.

    Do not worry about it overmuch; mistakes are natural. Everyone makes them at one time or another.
    In regards to your art, it is "rough," but it has promise. The fundamentals are there, but you are missing nuance. Composition, for example, is a point you could improve. You have a good eye, you choose colors that match in the correct ranges, and your art is not "stiff," either.

    Overall, your art is rather good.
    Guys what is your top three favorite songs?
    Mine is
    Top 1=House of memories by Panic!!!!! at the disco (House of Memories sped up intensifies)

    Top 2= Enemy by Imagine Dragons. Geez who doesn't like this song?

    Top 3= Venom by M&M muzik. (Em' intensifies)

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    D O G
    D O G
    I listen to so much music every day, this is kinda hard. I’ll try and just give a recent list.

    1. Fall of Davoth - Geoffplaysguitar
    2. Order - Heaven Pierce Her (ULTRAKILL)
    3. The Only Thing They Fear Is You - Mick Gordon
    Hootle The Stonklet
    Hootle The Stonklet
    1. Yoasobi, into the night
    2. Daiki kasho, all my life
    3. The entire metal Gear rising: revengeance soundtrack
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    Woofmere 3DS
    Woofmere 3DS
    whao that is a lot of comments i just expect like two or one
    @SilkyVol2 i will draw muramsa mgr a little bit later maybe a few days or more i have stuff to do including playing terraria.

    Link is going great i started a new playthrough. Im sorry Crimrupt (Its my character). already in hardmode but its going great farmin ichor and got frickin VITAMINSGSJDTSSHJSKS..!!!(#($+. but its nice im quite lucky here beat three mech boss, and yes thats molten pants.


    • IMG20220611211022.jpg
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    this does not deserve 30 views! they suck horribly!


    • Screenshot_2022-06-09-11-35-22-18_40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12.jpg
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    Leafeon but more worse, Istg why do i make eeveelutions humanoid? (does making these make a furry? but they don't even have fur.


    • Leafeon.png
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    I remade Glaceon.... I just didn't like the first one i made Rate it from 1 to 10
    I made this in around 3 hours and i actually enjoyed making this instead of pain and suffering


    • Glaceon remake sketch.png
      Glaceon remake sketch.png
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    • Glaceon remake.png
      Glaceon remake.png
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    Glaceon drawing is here! hope ya like it. I spent 1 hour and 25 minutes drawing this @Cibryll wanted this so here!


    • Glaceon.png
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    • Glaceon sketch 1.png
      Glaceon sketch 1.png
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    • Glaceon sketch 2.png
      Glaceon sketch 2.png
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    Maybe i'll draw Glaceon tomorrow, i did a lot of school work that is due tomorrow as well. so maybe ill post Glaceon tomorrow...
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