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A while back I had created a tool that could assist in the creation of pixelarts. In doing so, I needed to get a collection of colors for the software to use within an color filter. Doing some reverse-engineering and way too much coding, I have managed to grab each block/wall color as they would appear on the games map. This includes all 32 paints per wall / block. I have then dumped this list to a spreadsheet and removed all the duplicate hex codes. This leaves us with 4,006! unique colors you can make something with on the map. This is out of just over 30,000 entries. I have taken the curtesy to drop the spreadsheet on this forum. It could be useful for anyone attempting to make a color list of their own or finding those tricky to find colors, for me it was pink!


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Update 01JUN22
So I have been working hard on a solution to sort the massive data of colors into a sort of "rainbow". You cannot simply sort colors based on the hex value as they will be visually random in placement. as demonstrated bellow.


So I opted to use a custom algorithm that simply sorts based on hue over HSV. This generates a more so step sorting over a luminosity sorting. Bellow shows a new pattern I'm generating.


This is the tool I coded to complete the task. For you nerds I'm using a List<Tuple<string, string, Color>>.

I have gone and replaced the spreadsheet with the updated one.

Update 03Jun22:

Four sorting algorithms added:
• Tile ID • Hue • 8 Rep Step Sorting • 8 Rep Inverse Step Sorting

Update 05Jun22:
Added the block/wall's (name) next to all IDs.

Update 23Jul22:
If anyone is interested in how I did all this, check out my github post.​
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