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tModLoader Exodus Mod



Hello there, stranger. Here is a global mod for Terraria which greatly expands game with new gear, monsters, bosses, tiles and etc. We spend many time to balance mod and bring it to release, we hope you will enjoy it.
In our mod you can find many stuff that will make your playthrough much more interesting.

List of additions:

-1269 New Items
-220 New NPCs including 8 Bosses, 2 Mini-Bosses and Town NPC
-New biome - Limestone Cavern!
-Improved Shortwords and Flails combat mechanics
-103 New Tiles(and 26 walls)
-65 New Buffs
-17 New Mounts
-Russian language support
-Boss Checklist support
-A mod wiki on Gamepedia(still WIP)
-Available in ModBrowser
-All modded armor works correctly with mannequins

-Compability with most mods



Armored Horse

Royal Horse

Flying Fish

Obsidian Salamander

Eater of Souls



Mushroom Bug






Bone Dragon

The Tower - new structure generated near the spawn point. Chest always contains one of three items: Tower Shield, King(Yoyo) or Defender's Bow. Additionaly it may contain Bronze, Nickel, Gold Bars, Lesser Healing/Mana potions, Hunter Potion, Flaming Arrows.

New underground biome: The Limestone Cavern! To open chest you need a key(dropped by Forgotten Ghosts). There are two new ores: Artanium and Phlazite. Artanium is used to craft armor, Phlazite is currently useless.





Snow Biome

Sky enemies

Blood Moon




Marble Cavern

Granite Cavern

Limestone Cavern



Ocean enemies:

Mushroom Biome



Evil Blob

Desert Emperor



Master of Possession


The Ancient(unstable!)

@M4trix - main developer, founder, coder, spriter, idea creator!
@NovaDee - mod helper, supporter, tester, idea generator, amazing person who helps me to beat boredom!
@Gillibon - our manager, moderator, supporter and just an awesome dude!

@Aether(aka Zidjey)- for major help with biome code and many items!
@ULTRAPLEB - for ideas and coded armor!
[/URL] - tester, bug reporter, idea creator. Thanks for being with us from start of mod development!
@totallynotBad - for testing and ideas!
@Niko- for some items, ideas and being an awesome troll for a long time
@betailas(aka Ghoul)- for great mounts ideas and being a good admin on one russian forum.

@nerd50 - for some ideas.

@Anivire - for ideas and few sprites

- for modded biome music

@SeerOfLight - for ideas and some sprites
@dark_and_darker - for ideas and inspiration

Link for awesome people who wants more updates
Link is for those who don't wanna see new mod updates.


-Previous versions are removed because of technical problems, sorry-

No info available. Just wait for the update!
-Updated to latest TML (so may work more correctly)
-Temporary disabled some items
-Temporary removed minimap tile display
-Removed Bunny Carrot
Sorry for temporary-removed stuff. Please wait for 1.2. It will be much more playable than this version.
New items:
-Accuracy Potion
-Crimson Brew
-Eye Rage Potion
-Frog Potion
-Horseshoe Potion
-Bouncy Potion
-Starfall Potion
-Green Magical Drum
-The Harmony
-Quadro Fury
-Planet Fury
-Stone Skin potion
-Light Blue Solution
-Dark Cyan Solution
-Yellow Solution
-White Solution
-Light Yellow Solution
-Red Hot Solution
-Philosopher's Solution
-Obsidiflame armor set
-Obsidiflame Bar
-Granite Energy Visor
-Modern Pyromancer Armor
-Tesla Coil
-Sight of the Gods
-Gold Scythe
-Platinum Scythe
-Gilli Bone
-White Gel
-Greed Potion
-Hellstone Skin Potion
-Healing Honey

-Quickslash Potion
-Slipping Potion
-Black Steel Flail
-Large-caliber Bullet

-Green Energy Gem
-Obsidiflame War Axe
-Obsidiflame Hammer
-Obsidiflame Pickaxe
-Obsidiflame Hatchet
-Healing Salve
-Lesser Healing Elixir
-Healing Elixir
-Greater Healing Elixir
-Super Healing Elixir

New creatures:
Glutionous Blob

-Ice Axe now allows you to climb walls when held
-Alasor now displayed as shield when equipped
-Infested now will be faster as health lowers. Also he is immune to Venom and Poison
-Weremare is now immune to Confused
-Ancient Golem and Stone Golem are now immune to Poison, Venom, Fire, Frostburn and Cursed Flame.
-Blighter will now inflict Venom, also he is immune to Poison and Venom
-Poison slime and Toxic Bat are immune to Poison
-Dusk Hammer will inflict Cursed for 5 seconds
-Octopus is now much more dangerous and has tentacles
-Now Tower will spawn randomly near the spawn point at right.
-Eternal Devil is now immune to fire
-Cursed Spitter is now immune to Cursed Flame
-Crimore is now immune to Ichor
-Sand Wasp is now immune to poison
-All skeletons and spectral enemies are immune to Poison and Venom
-Wave Cannon now have lesser radius
-Nightmare Helmet now emits light
-All class-based Slime Armors have new set bonuses

-All class-based Slime armors have respective-colored dusts
-Greatly decreased spawn rate of Osmium Ore
-Slightly increased spawn rate of Nickel Ore
-Slightly decreased Zircon Ore and Peridot Ore spawn rate
-Arachnide armor defense boosted from 3 4 3 to 4 5 4, now it provides immunity to Poison, Venom and Webbed debuffs
-Aeronautic Armor now provides full set bonus
-Each piece of Blinkroot armor provides 4% thrown damage bonus. Full set provides 10% thrown damage bonus
-Coral Armor bonuses slightly improved and changed
-Paladin armor greatly rebalanced and have new bonuses
-Paladin Gauntlet now provides 20% thrown velocity bonus instead of 18%
-Dark Paladin armor now have lowered defense but provides new bonuses
-Blast Furnace reworked, renamed to 'Alloy Furnace' and has new crafting recipe.
-Granite Pebble now have tooltip
-Magma Eater now have particles
-Tyrant now have better speed and range
-Lowere Pickaxe power of Black Steel Pickaxe to 60

-Death Flames now deal magic damage
-Corrupt Swarm now require mana
-Attraction Pendant is now displayed as purple when equipped instead of old green one.
-Translated into russian Nickel Bar
-Now Fire is crafted on Campfire instead of Rocket
-Now Elite Granite Armor provides set bonus
-Slime Armors now provides correct bonuses
-Greatly decreased spawn chance of Sand Befouler
-Paladin bar now have correct rarity
-Dark Paladin armor now have correct rarity
-Deepiron gear now have correct rarity
-Bloody Fang now have correct rarity
-Enchanter's Brew now have correct rarity
-Aerogel now have correct rarity
-Aeronautic gear now have correct rarity
-Confuse Splash Flask now have correct rarity
-Black Steel gear now have correct rarity
-White Gold gear now have correct rarity
-Alloy Furnace now have correct rarity

-Spider Chitin now have correct rarity
-Artanium set now have correct rarity
-Neptune Trident now have correct rarity
-Sea Fury now have correct rarity
-Blinkroot set now have correct rarity
-Bluefire Lamp now have correct rarity
-Necro Staff now have correct rarity
-Rebel armor now have correct rarity
-Warlord armor now have correct rarity
-Wand of Fire now have correct rarity
-Diamond Tipped Spear now have correct rarity
-Brilliant Behemoth now have correct rarity
-The Deluge now have correct rarity
-Coral gear now have correct rarity
-Crystal Knife now have correct rarity
-Cursed gear now have correct rarity
-Crescent Axe now have correct rarity
-Parasol now have correct rarity
-Sightshot now have correct rarity
-The Avenger now have correct rarity
-Bone launcher now have correct rarity
-Broken Mirror now have correct rarity
-Mother Gel now have correct rarity
-Scimitar now have correct rarity
-Corrupt Swarm now have correct rarity
-Soul Leech Staff now have correct rarity
-Vile Sputter now have correct rarity
-Blood Spit now have correct rarity
-Crimatode Staff now have correct rarity
-Battle Bow now have correct rarity
-Unholy Serpent now have correct rarity
-Biter Gun now have correct rarity
-Poison Gland now have correct rarity
-Midas Hand now have correct rarity
-Broken Lens now have correct rarity
-Dance of the Blades now have correct rarity
-Shipwreck now have correct rarity
-Freezer now have correct rarity
-Ice Axe now have correct rarity
-Cold Fetters now have correct rarity
-Snow Thorw now have correct rarity
-Berserker Necklace now have correct rarity
-Fertilizer now have correct rarity
-Energy Gem now have correct rarity
-Golden Flame now have correct rarity
-Hallowed Weapon Shards now have correct rarity
-Jester's Bullet now have correct rarity
-Aether Bar now have correct rarity
-Modded hellstone gear now have correct rarity
-Ice gear now have correct rarity
-Ichor set now have correct rarity
-Jade set now have correct rarity
-Royal Bar and gear now have correct rarity
-Marble set now have correct rarity
-High velocity hook now have correct rarity
-Shadewood Ent now drops Shadewood
-Alchemist can not drop two Robes or Goggles
-Frozen Hook now works and does not cause errors

-Turtle sprite updated
-Mindflayer sprite updated
-Marble helmets improved
-Nightmare Helmet improved
-Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Green slime armors improved
-Snow Elemental updated
-Paladin Bar updated
-Mindflayer's treasure bag updated
-Mindflayer's minimap icon updated
-Magma Eater updated
-Pink Slime armor improved

Evil Skeleton 2
Evil Skeleton 3
-Fixed Dark Paladin Chestplate called 'Dark Paladin Helmet'
-Scorching Mash now does not cause error when used
-Parasol now have a fixed effect when you hold it
-Fixed mistake in Alchemist's Robe name
-Now Jade ore will be generated in world

New items:
-Zalgoite Bar
-Broken Armor Shard
-Illuvium Dust
-Skelemage's Hat
-Gilded Token
-Marbron Banner
-Graniton Banner
-Rotten Eye Banner
-Famished Zombie Banner
-Magma Eater Banner
-Corpse Maggot Banner
-Skelemage Banner
-Henchbird Banner
-Bloody Fang
-Basic Rocket
-The Bullet Rain
-Clockwork Annihilator
-Shadow Gem
-Ashen Dust
-Divine Dirk

New Mobs:

-Greatly nerfed Energized Knife damage
-Now Mechanoid Armor has 12 15 14 instead of 8 11 11 defense
-Now each piece of Mechanoid Armor increases thrown damage by 12%
-Dark Paladin armor recipe changed
-Emperor of the Desert will now spawn Hencbirds instead of vultures
-Cyclops and Troll have a new hit sound
-Stone Golem and Ancient Golem have a new hit sound
-Holy Biboran mana cost decreased from 6 to 3
-Now Bloodlust Miner provides light
-Now tower contains Gilded Token, which can be recrafted into one of three tower items
-Alasor now require additional 12 Illuvium Dust for crafting
-Now RPG-7 has tooltip
-Now tower bricks and wall require a work bench for crafting
-Now Tower will contain 100-300 Ashen Dust(used for crafting Tower bricks by yourself)

-Paladin Armor updated
-Dark Paladin Armor updated
-Bronze Armor updated
-Wounded Eye updated
-Dusk Slime updated
-Dusk Hammer updated
-Eternal Devil updated
-Troll sprite updated
-Cyclops sprite updated
-Most enemy banners sprites improved and fixed
-Gorgon Eye updated
-Living Statue updated
-Fixed rarity of Granite Anomaly
-Fixed/changed names, translations and tooltips of over than 100 items
-Fixed Forgotten Chest dusts
-Fixed Silver Chest dusts
-Fixed Tower Bricks dusts
-Fixed Resistant Tower Bricks dusts
-Fixed Tower Platfrom dusts
-Neptune Trident now consume 5 mana instead of 25
-Aqua Sting now have correct dusts
-Water Knife now have correct dusts
-Death Flames and Space shotgun now deal magic damage instead of ranged
-Fixed and updated Flails, Hooks and 'Prisms'. Now they don't randomly crash the game upon reloading the mod.
-Fixed Limestone Cavern music randomly crash the game upon reloading mod.
-Fixed loud Limestone Cavern music
-Fixed Cursed, Ichor flamethrowers and Purple Flare does not pierce thru enemies

-Stingun updated
-Forgotten Tome updated

New items:
-Forged Sword(re-added)
-Blood Corrosion(re-added)
-Forgotten Tome(re-added)


-Removed Exodus Mod logo from main menu, because it causes new version of TML to randomly crash mod upon loading
-Now each piece of Dark Paladin armor provides 12% melee damage bonus instead of 16%
-Now Dark Paladin armor provides 8% melee damage set bonus instead of 12%
-Added TML support
-Added Highlight to Silver Chest
-Fixed incorrect shield sprite
-Some new bugs
-Some new weapons added
-Added Deepiron tools and weapons
-Added Rebel Armor
-Russian translation for some items
-Added Meteor Weapons
-Limestone Music Box
-Added Jester's Crossbow
-Added Shroomite and Poison Bullet
-Luminite Probe(thrown weapon)
-Pertified Armor
-Damned Arrow
-New marble helmet

-Now you will craft 50 of coral thrown axes/knives instead of 20

-Now you will craft 10 sticky arrows instead of 3
-Now you will craft 10 sticky shurikens instead of 1
-Now you will craft 10 sticky spiky balls instead of 5
-Now to craft Chilled Knives you need 1 ice block instead of 2
-Now Watermelon have new explode animation
-Now Sludgeheart will Greater Healing Potion instead of Lesser Healing Potion
-Now Mindflayer will drop Healing Potion instead of Lesser Healing Potion
-Battleaxe now have special attack. Right-click to use
-Now tree sword will shoot acorns
-Now Soul Bane Scepter will shoot projectiles, that pierce through four enemies
-Now Repulsor Chaingun and Shotgun will rabdomly shoot lasers
-Arachnasword renamed to Arachnide Blade
-Starfish Shuriken renamed to Star Fish

-Fixed horse mount displayed running animation while stopped

-Now Colossus Mask is obtainable item
-Now modded boss masks are vanity items
-Now snow slime will not drop Snail Helmet
-Now Acid Fog is obtainable in expert mode
-Now mothron mount have correct animation display
-Now Ambrosia of Jungle and Destroyer Shaft have correct name in russian language
-Now all summon-related buffs have correct names and transltion
-Now Flowery Zombie have correct stats
-Now False Cupid will spawn correctly
-Now some monsters have correct gores and particles
-Now Giant Skull have correct russian translation
-Now Pink Quiver is craftable item.
-Tons of minor fixes!

-New sprite of Hourglass
-New sprite of infernal-themed items
-New sprite of the Nightmare mount
-Slightly improved sprites of Shaman Stick, Hail Staff and some others
-Military weapons have new sprites.
-New sprite of Fire Thorn
-Updated sprite of Serpent Thorn
-Slightly improved Eater of Souls mount
-Updated Crimera mount
-Updated Drippler mount
-Shroomite Guns have improved sprites
-Slightly updated Desert Emperor's sprite
-New sprite of Guardian Hornet
-Graphically improved most minions
-Improved White Gold weapons
-New sprite of Chronos
-New sprite of Arachnasword
-Improved Color Cannon sprite
-Some metal spears having a new sprite
-Improved sprites of Soul Leech staff and Crimatode Staff
-Some other sprites improved
-Added some items: Granite Blade, The Corrosion, Snail Shell, Bucket of Gore, Pitchfork and some others

-Now all boss summon items are craftable on Demon/Crimson Altar

-Now you need 3 Energy Gems to summon the Colossus

-Rosa now have correct name color
-Bone Zombie has been nerfed
-Biter Fish has been nerfed
-Now all decorative tiles have correct names and russian translation
-Now Mindflayer can be summoned correctly in jungle
-Rusted Sword can now be dropped by Abomination
-Desert Feather can now be dropped by Desert Emperor
-Possessed Knife can now be dropped by Master of Possesseion
-Repulse Chaingun can now be dropped by Colossus
-Slime Knives can now be dropped by Mindflayer
-Some items now have correct names and tooltips

-Now Sludgeheart's Heart have 50 defense instead of 30
-Now Sludgeheart's Heart have gores and particles
-Now Possessed weapons have minimap icons
-Now summon staves have correct names, tooltips and russian translation
-Desert Emperor now have gores
-expanded and changed modded dungeon items. Now they are crafted with Blue Flame and Old Metal Parts(found in dungeon chests).
-Added Soul Leech and Crimatiode summon staff

-Added differnet monster drop: Tree Sword, Color Cannon, Sightshot, The Avenger and some others
-Added Trilite Multitool
-Added modded boss tropihies
-Mindflayer boss have a minimap icon, will drop loot upon death and can be summoned
-Added tooltips and russian translation for multitools

-Hivemind boss renamed to 'Mindflayer'
-Water Knife, Aquarang and Aqua Sting are craftable.

-Changed sounds of Cyclop
-Changed sounds of Gleep
-Changed sounds of Goar
-Ancient Greek archer will now shoot fiery arrows
-Decreased defense of some monsters
-Now Skystone Block can be dropped by all sky-themed creatures
-Stone Golem now have changed stats and can spawn naturally in caverns
-Angry Tuna's life decreased from 300 to 200 and defense decreased from 20 to 8
-Multitools are reworked: right click to use as hammer, left click to use as pickaxe and axe

-Deepling sprite updated
-Barracuda sprite updated

-Updated sprite and animation of Horse, Armored horse and Royal Horse mounts
-Updated Abomination and his mask sprite

-improved some other sprites

-Famished Zombie now have gores
-Gloomy Bat now have correct gores
-Toxic Bat have correct particles
-Gleep have correct particles
-Dark Bat now have correct particles
-Master of Possession now have gores

-Rotten Eye now have gores
-Prometheum sniper rifle name fixed
-Prometheum snipe rifle will no more kill owner.
-Shadowflame items now have correct tooltips and names
-Shadowflame items are now obtainable
-Dropped Blue Flame,Blue Fire Bullet, Granite Anomaly, Energized bar, Possessed knife, Plasminer, Ghost Charger Repulse Shotgun and Chaingun will now glow in darkness.
-Dropped Sticky Rain staff will no more glow in darkness
-Desert Emperor now have icon on minimap
-Rotten Eyes now does not drop coins
-Bomb and Dynamite Slimes does not spawn blood on explode anymore
-People Trapper now have correct gores
-Raincorn now have raibow particles
-Raincorn now have gores
-Radiant Firefly now have rainbow particles
-Forgotten Ghost now have correct gores
-Ancient Skelton now have gores
-Ancient Caster now have gores
-Animated Armor now have gores
-Fixed Poison Slime particles
-Fixed Snail particles
-Snowmen and all mushroom creatures now have white particles
-Blue Crow now have a correct sound and particles
-Now Archer Harpy, Valkyrie, Brimstar, Sky Carnivore have correct gores and particles.
-Flowery Zombie can now spawn and have correct particles and gores
-Night Bat now have a correct particles
-Biter fish will no longer fall down while underwater
-White Shark and Sharkron now have fixed hitbox
-Now Giant Lighting Bug can spawn naturally.
-Fixed dusts of many decorative tiles from mod
-Sticky Cudgel renamed to "Cud Gel"

-Possession Master Mask renamed to "Master of Possession Mask"
-Sludgeheart now have minimap icons
-Abominaion now have minimap icon
-Sludgeheart changed: now all 'heartless' slimes are much weaker if heart is defeated.
-Projectile of Sludge Gun changed visually.

-Minor improvements and fixes
-Fixed some mistakes in item names
-M4trix's Jetpack now displayed correctly
-M4trix's Body is now vanity item
-Abomination now have gores
-Colossus now have gores
-Now Limestone does not glow with spelunker potion

List of updated sprites:
-Shadowflame Bomb
-Flower of Death
-Plague Swarm
-Famished Zombie
-Rotten Eye
-Thorn Fruit
-Ghost Charger
-Bone Strike
-Sludge Gun
-Cud Gel
-Sticky Rain
-Rod of Shards
-Sludgeheart Treasure Bag
-Master of Possession Treasure Bag
and some others...
-Added HORDE of enemies

-Added tons of items
-Added some bugs
-Fixed some bugs
-Added more bugs and imbalance
-Added Limestone Cavern biome
-Added Tower - new structure generated near your spawn point.
-Added unique Shields

-Added new shortsword mechanics
@Nova Dee suit

-Fixed most of item names and tooltips

-Updated many sprites
-Added Black Steel weapons
-Needle and Tread for crafting silk items
-Added Silk Scarf

-Decreased cost of resourses for some crafts
-Re-balanced some items

-Updated Santank Mount
-Fixed Rotten Eye(Item) dropped incorrectly
-Fixed Hiveeye(Item) dropped incorrectly

-Updated some sprites
-Fixed Abomination(Boss) AI and added some new loot
-Fixed ore generation. Now you can find Zircon and Peridot
-Updated Santank Mount

-Removed Nickel and Osmium tools
Known bugs: No tooltips and some incorrect names.
-Added initial content

You can greatly support us donating with paypal(press the button above). We really appericate people who enjoy our project and supports it. Every donater is allowed to request his own item that will be added in mod.
You can get more info about requests in our Discord

Donations are not the only way you can support us. Every download from cyan links in 'Download' supports us.
Also another way of support is mod banners! Attach some of them to your signature and be cool :D


Banner for my fans:

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Danew Dr

wow, this mod already looks quite complete. one question, are these just concepts and sprites or are these items that are actually coded?


oh right, I only started using mods since 1.3, so not to sure what was remastered and what wasn't, unless it clearly says remastered
It is remastered version bcz long time ago I posted mod on terrariago.ru and so for some time I think I will nerver finish my project. So now I used my old mod and I changed and added many new things. I think It can be named 'remastered version'


Sorry terrarians, I have too much work(not in the mod but in my life), so dont know when I will update thread with new content:confused:
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