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tModLoader Exodus Mod

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by M4trix, Dec 29, 2016.


What do you want to see in next updates?

  1. More bosses! I want to be the best boss hunter!

  2. More cool weapons to kill enemies!

  3. More town NPC! I want to build the biggest town in Terraria!

  4. New biomes! I need to explore some new lands!

  5. Something other

  1. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    Hello terrarians! Here is a global WIP mod Exodus! For now the mod isn't fully well-made so it may contain bugs, lags, imbalance, some bad sprites and... more bugs!

    Mod contains:
    -733 items
    -162 NPCs(1 Town, 7 bosses, 2 mini-bosses, and 152 monsters)
    -1 biome(Limestone Cavern)
    -Improved Shortsword use
    -57 tiles(and 19 walls)
    -50 buffs
    -15 mounts


    So, lets see what we have today in this super-awesome mod.

    Exodus Mod adds many different items, including armors, weapons, accessories and crafting materials. List of all the stuff you can see below

    Slime set
    -Slime armor
    -Slime Blade
    -Slime Spear
    -Slime Bow
    -Slime Ball

    Pinky set
    -Pink Slime Armor
    -Jelly Mash
    -Pink Bow
    -Pinky Staff
    -Pink Quiver
    -Bouncy Shurikens
    -Bouncy Spiky Ball
    -Bouncy Arrow

    Ice set
    -Ice armor(with Helmet and Hood)
    -Ice Sabre
    -Chilled Prong
    -Cold Fetters
    -Frosted Greatsword

    Granite Set
    -Granite Armor(with two helemts)
    -Elite Granite Armor
    -Energy Spear
    -Energy Gem
    -Granite anomaly
    -Impulse Grenade
    -Granite Pickaxe
    -Granite Axe
    -Granite Hammer

    Marble Set
    -Marble armor
    -Marble Greatsword
    -Gladiator's Trident
    -Olympic Discus

    Blinkroot set
    -Blinkroot armor
    -Glow Glove
    -Root Shuriken
    -Root Throwing Knife

    Silk Items.
    -Silk Clothing
    -Enchanted Clothing
    -Needle and Tread
    -Silk Scarf
    -Silk Cape
    -Silk Socks
    -Leather Boots

    Jungle set
    -Flaming Tomahawk
    -Throwing Dart
    -Poison Knife
    -Poison Bow
    -Poison Spear
    -Magical Drums

    Nickel Armor
    -Nickel Broadsword
    -Nickel Shortsword
    -Sharp Wheel
    -Nickel Bow
    -Spear Gun
    -Battle Axe
    -Nickel Blowpipe

    Trilite Set
    -Trilite Armor
    -Trilite Sword
    -Trilite Shortsword
    -Trilite Pickaxe
    -Trilite Axe
    -Trilite Blowpipe
    -Trilite Bow
    -Trilite Hammer

    Osmium Set
    -Osmium Blowpipe
    -Osmium Rapier
    -The Head Hunter
    -Giant Spike Ball

    Corruption Biome Items
    -Corrupted Claws
    -Vile Surge
    -Greenlight Charge
    -Shadow Dirk
    -Greenfire Cocktail


    Dungeon Items
    -Blue Flame
    -Magical Lantern
    -Death Flames
    -Water Knife
    -Aqua Sting
    -Necro Staff

    Alchemic Set
    -Alchemist's Clothes
    -Alchemic Flasks

    Shadowflame Set
    -Flower of Death
    -Purple Flare
    -Scorching Mash
    -Shaman Killer
    -Shadowflame Bomb
    White Gold set
    -White Gold armor
    -Falcon Bow

    Jade Set
    -jade armor
    -Jade Bow
    -Jade Blade
    -Jade Katana
    -Jade Pickaxe
    -Jade Axe
    -Jade Mallet

    Titanic Set
    -Titanic Armor
    -Titan Slayer
    -Titan Fear
    -Titanic Wrecker
    -Titanic Whale Killer

    Shroomite set. Crafted with Shroomite bars
    -Shroomite Battle Shotgun
    -Shroomite Arbalest
    -Shroomite Exterminator
    -Shroomite Machinegun
    -Shroomite Deadshot

    Military set. Crafted with prometheum bars.
    -Military Armor(with three helmets)
    -Prometheum Handgun
    -Prometheum Auto Shotgun
    -Prometheum Sniper Rifle
    -Prometheum Light Grenader
    -Prometheum Bomber
    -Prometheum Burst Rifle
    -Prometheum Machinegun

    Multitools - have use of pickaxe, hammer and axe. Will be improved in future.
    Hardmode metal helmets for Thrower and Summoner

    -Hallowed Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Hallowed Bars
    -Jungle Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Jungle Spores
    -Ghostly Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Ectoplasm
    -Aerogel Block - crafted with Aerogel
    -NIckel Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Nickel Ore
    -Osmium Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Osmium Ore
    -Skystone - dropped by Aether Head
    -Shroomite Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Shroomite Bars
    -Lava Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Lava Bucket
    -Planks - crafted with Wood at Sawmill
    -Dark Wood - crafted with Wood and Cobweb
    -Iron Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Iron Ore
    -Lead Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Lead Ore
    -Red Mushroom Block - crafted with Mushroom
    -Sea Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Water Bucket
    -Coral Brick - crafted with Stone Blocks and Corals
    -Pink Gel wall - crafted with pink gel block. Idk why it is not added into vanilla game.


    -Deltaplane - mount which can help you in world exploration. Crafted with umbrella, copper/tin, leather and silk
    -Saddle - summons horse mount, which can run very fast. Crafted with life crystal, hay blocks and leather.
    -Armored Saddle - summons armored horse mount which will give you 4 defense and run faster than regular horse. Crafted with saddle, iron/lead and silk
    -Gilded Saddle - summons royal horse mount which will give you 8 defence and run faster than other horses. Crafted with armored saddle, gold/platinum and silk
    -Tasty Earthworm - summons the Grand Flying Fish mount which can fly! Rarely dropped by flying fish during rain.
    -Obsidian Eye - summons Obsidian Salamander mount which grants you immunity to lava for long time. Rarely dropped by salamanders in caves
    -Rotten Eye - summons Eater of Souls mount which can fly. Rarely dropped by Eater of Worlds
    -Bloody Parasite - summons Crimera mount which can fly. Rarely dropped by Brain of Cthulhu and his Creepers
    -Dripping Flesh - summons Drippler mount which can fly. Rarely dropped by Dripplers during Blood Moon
    -Strange Mushroom- summons Mushroom Bug mount which can run very fast. Rarely dropped by creatures in mushroom biome
    -Nightmare Saddle - summons Nightmare Horse mount which can run very fast and burn nearby enemies. Rarely dropped by Mourning Wood during Pumpkin Moon
    -Spiked Shell - summons Giant Tortoise mount mount which will damage attackers. Rarely dropped by Giant Tortoises in jungle
    -Mothron Egg - summons Mothron mount which can fly. Rarely dropped by Mothrons during Solar Eclipse

    -SantaNK1 Present - summons SantaNK1-mini mount mount which will grants 25 defense. Rarely dropped by SantaNK1 during Frost Moon
    -Dragon Skull - summons Bone Dragon mount which can fly has extra fast horizontally. Dropped by Moon Lord

    The Tower - new structure generated near the spawn point. Chest always contains unique item: Tower Shield.

    New mini-biome: The Limestone Cavern! To open chest you need a key(dropped by Forgotten Ghosts). There are two new ores: Artanium and Phlazite. Now they both don't have any use in game. It will be added in future updates.

    Forest enemies:
    Night enemies:
    -Beekeeper Zombie
    -Bleeding Zombie
    -Bone Zombie
    -Flowery Zombie
    -Zombie Crawler
    -Farmer Zombie
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Cave enemies:
    -Evil Skeletons
    -Poison Slime
    -Toxic Bat
    -Dynamite Slime
    -Bomb Slime
    -Ancient Golem
    -Stone Golem
    -Gloomy Bat

    Corruption enemies:
    -Soul Leech
    -Cursed Treant
    -Cursed Spitter
    Crimson enemies:
    -Shade Treant
    -Flesh Bat
    Jungle enemies:
    -Tropic Ent
    -Jungle Zombies
    -Stinging Mass
    -Leaf Bird
    Desert enemies:
    -Giant Scorpion
    -Golden Scarab
    -Dune Reaver
    -Sand Befouler
    -Sand Wasp
    Marble cave enemies:
    -Ancient Greek Archer
    -Chess Horse
    -Golden Skeleton
    -Living Statue
    -Marble Bat
    -Gorgon Eye
    Granite cave enemies:
    -Granite Slime
    -People Trapper
    -Granite Bat
    -Spiked Granite Elemental
    Limestone Cavern enemies:
    -Ancient Caster
    -Ancient Skeleton
    -Animated Armor
    -Forgotten Ghost
    -Limestone Bat
    Underworld enemies:
    -Devil Watcher
    -Dragon Skeleton
    -Magma Sludge

    Meteor enemies:
    -Beam Probe(not added)
    -Undead Astronaut
    Bloodmoon Enemies:
    -Blood Drop
    -Flesh Pod and Drimpers
    -Vampire Bat
    -Red Crow
    -Vampire Harpy
    -Wounded Eye
    Snow biome enemies:
    -Dire Wolf
    -Snow Slime
    -Ice Dragon
    -Ice Worm
    -Pink Eskimo
    -Snow Elemental
    Ocean enemies:
    -Red Crab
    -Angry Tuna
    -White Shark
    -Biter Fish
    -Barracuda(WIP mini-boss)
    Sky enemies:
    -Archer Harpy
    -Aether Head
    -Aether Sprite
    -Cloud Bat
    -Sky Carnivore
    Mushroom biome enemies:
    -Fungo Flipper
    -Mycelium Crawler
    -Infection Bulb
    -Fungal Infector
    Dungeon enemies:
    -Skeleton Knight
    -Alchemist Skeleton
    -Spectral Armores Bones
    -Dungeon Skeleton

    Abomination- prehardmode boss. Summoned by using Zombie Lure during night
    -Treasure Bag(Expert mode only)
    -Bone Strike(Expert mode only)
    -Plague Swarm
    -Rusted Sword
    -Abomination Mask
    -Rusty Knives

    Evil Blob - prehardmode boss. Summoned by using Disgusting Jelly

    -Treasure Bag(Expert mode only)
    -Attraction Pendant(Expert mode only)
    -Evil Blob Mask
    -Sticky Rain
    -Rod of Shards

    Desert Emperor - prehardmode boss. Summoned by using Ancient Artifact during the night in Desert biome.

    -Treasure Bag(Expert mode only)
    -Desert Claws(Expert mode only)
    -Desert Emperor Mask
    -Storm Feather
    -Pharaoh's Throw

    Colossus - prehardmode boss. Summoned by using Granite Anomaly

    -Treasure Bag(Expert mode only)
    -Energized Bar
    -Granite Shield
    -Granite Boomerang
    -Repulse Shotgun
    -Repulse Chaingun
    -Blue Fire Bullet
    The Hivemind - prehardmode boss. Can not be summoned for now. If you wanna fight with him, use Cheat Sheet or other same stuff. Recommended to fight this boss with post-Skeletron gear.

    Weremare - hardmode bloodmoon miniboss
    -Dark Blood
    -Feral Paw
    -Bloody Nightmare
    -Death Knives

    Master of Possession - early-hardmode boss. Summoned by using Glowing Skull
    -Treasure Bag(Expert mode only)
    -Skeletor Blocker(Expert mode only)
    -Energized Knife
    -Soul Bane Scepter
    -Ghost Charger

    Sludgeheart - hardmode postplantera boss. Summoned by using Crown of the Jungle.

    -Treasure Bag(Expert mode only)
    -Thorn Fruit(Expert mode only)
    -Sludge Gun
    -Chlorophyte Scythe
    -Sludgeheart Mask
    -Acid Fog
    -Slime Knives

    [​IMG]M4trix - main developer, coder, spriter, idea creator.
    [​IMG]Nova Dee - second main developer, coder, idea creator.
    [​IMG]Zidjey - BEST coder, and awesome dude!

    [​IMG] Niko - for some items, ideas and being an awesome troll for a long time
    [​IMG]Ghoul - for mount ideas and being a good admin on one russian forum.
    [​IMG] VladTerrarian, for being with us from the start of the mod
    [​IMG]Nerd50 - for some ideas.
    [​IMG] Zerokk - for some ideas code.
    [​IMG] Anivire - for thread design and some stuff.


    [Released - pre release]
    -Added HORDE of enemies
    -Added tons of items
    -Added some bugs
    -Fixed some bugs
    -Added more bugs and imbalance
    -Added Limestone Cavern biome
    -Added Tower - new structure generated near your spawn point.
    -Added unique Shields
    -Updated many sprites

    -Updated some sprites
    -Fixed Rotten Eye(Item) dropped incorrectly
    -Fixed Hiveeye(Item) dropped incorrectly
    -Added NovaDee suit
    -Removed Zerokk suit(RIP dude ;c)
    -Fixed Abomination(Boss) AI and added some new loot
    -Removed Nickel and Osmium tools
    -Decreased cost of resourses for some crafts
    -Re-balanced some items
    -Fixed ore generation. Now you can find Zircon and Peridot
    -Added Black Steel weapons
    -Needle and Tread for crafting silk items
    -Added Silk Scarf
    -Updated Santank Mount

    Known bugs: No tooltips and some incorrect names.

    [Released]0.1 Initial version
    -Added initial content


    Banner for my fans:
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  2. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron Prime

    wow, this mod already looks quite complete. one question, are these just concepts and sprites or are these items that are actually coded?
  3. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    It is all already coded and there are not only items. Mobs and bosses are too(no screenshots of them for now)
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  4. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron Prime

    well then, this is probably going to be the next big mod (if it gets enough attention)
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  5. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian Skeletron

    Wow!This mod looks amazing!Thank goodnes you continue this mod!I am soo hyped!

    I remember this mod! I download this mod from TerrariaGO.ru...
    Or this mod is gonna be remastered?
    And i see you from Russian...Am from Russia too!
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  6. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    It is remasterd version. Update 1.0 will be much more global than version I posted on tgo
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  7. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian Skeletron

    What bosses you planned to add?!
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  8. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    Soon you will see them here. I will post them today
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  9. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian Skeletron

    Soo hyped!:happy:
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 30, 2016, Original Post Date: Dec 30, 2016 ---
    Hee litle bit looks like Tremor remastered....
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  10. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron Prime

    oh right, I only started using mods since 1.3, so not to sure what was remastered and what wasn't, unless it clearly says remastered
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  11. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    It is remastered version bcz long time ago I posted mod on terrariago.ru and so for some time I think I will nerver finish my project. So now I used my old mod and I changed and added many new things. I think It can be named 'remastered version'
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  12. Zerokk

    Zerokk Terrarian

    Luxurious mod! :D
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  13. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    Yeah boi!
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  14. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    i liked this mod
    there a discord page?
    the sprites so small
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2016
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  15. M4trix

    M4trix Skeletron

    no discord
    I will fix it
  16. Zerokk

    Zerokk Terrarian

    We don't have discord. -_-
  17. MinieK

    MinieK Terrarian

    Actually this looks quite nice. Continue working on this.
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  18. Zerokk

    Zerokk Terrarian

    Oh My God! Thanks!
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  19. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    can i help the mod wiht sprites
  20. Zerokk

    Zerokk Terrarian

    Thanks! Draw a few sets of armor! :happy: