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Discussion in 'General Mod Discussion' started by Ultrum, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Ultrum

    Ultrum Terrarian

    Hey Guys I need help with somethings
    If you could please give me some ideas on my mod named exodus :)
    You would be given credits for the idea Thanks!

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  2. -[FF]-Frost

    -[FF]-Frost Terrarian

    Just a quick idea you could add a boss called Exodus who drops and armor set called the armor of exodus which when all pieces are worn you gain a buff of possibly water walking or something along those lines.
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  3. Ultrum

    Ultrum Terrarian

    Not really Exodus bars are meant to be crafted from the souls of other bosses But thanks for the idea :)
  4. ronsta02

    ronsta02 Terrarian

    the exodus bars could make a transdimensional rift which is a item u place down and it takes you to a new universe where the enemy's were replaced with bosses and to get back u have to die or craft a new portal