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is there like, a progression chart for this mod? i wanna get into it but i dont know if im missing out on items or what i should be going for
Not yet, no. I could make a list on the wikia, although it take some time after this post.
Finally, in over a year, I've updated this mod. Now, it doesn't mean a year's worth of content was added to this mod. In fact, very few new content was added, however, there have been a bunch of tweaks that should make playing the mod a much smoother and better experience. I have overhaul plans for porting this mod to tModLoader 1.4, but in the meantime, to send off 1.3, I brought the mod up to better standards than what I've been coding at three years ago, like fixing a few long standing bugs. Sadly, other common bugs I've had not been able to fix just yet. Finally, there should be a mod icon shown on the mod browser.

Only two new weapons added, Betsy Turret and HMG Turret. The latter is an endgame weapon that should help out with some modded endgame bosses. However, it will likely be too weak for post Moon Lord bosses like those added by Calamity. Something like that would require additional work that's currently not in the planning stages, but the HMG Turret should work well enough for mods whom post Moon Lord bosses are not too much more powerful than the Moon Lord himself.

The biggest part of this update is the re-balance. Sentry slot increases have been largely slashed across the board. There's also now config settings for things like showing a class tag on related items. The biggest setting, on by default, is the re-balance for turrets. In particular, turrets are now designed with sentry count in mod as a form of balance, so the power increase for turrets get smaller throughout the game, compared to the scaling of trap sentries. This is due to turrets being able to stack damage with each other, while most traps can't and will trigger enemy immunity frames, therefore both had their damages adjusted differently. In theory, sentries should be more powerful than minions due to sentries not being able to move, but they should no longer be overly OP.

Updating outdated sprites on the first post and updating the wiki will come at a later time.

- 0.980: Updated for tModLoader v0.11.7.8

- Even more resprites, including updated mod icon.

- Spectre Lens and Terra Toolbelt will no longer block each other from being equipped, although equipping both at once offers no benefit beyond accessory prefixes.

- Fixed Engineer Chest tile having bad offsets, so now it should look and animate correctly.

- True weapons can also now be crafted with two Broken Hero Fragments from Thorium if it is loaded.

- Added Mod Config settings including rebalanced, nerfed turret damage (on by default), allowing sentry through solid tiles placement, and restricting equipping of multiple accessory types. Clientside options include at what sentry limit the sentry count UI will show, if at all. Also includes an option to display which items are Defender class items. Off by default.

- Shadows of Abaddon's Frigid Aura Staff now counts as a sentry weapon. It still only allows one sentry, but will now benefit from sentry damage bonuses.

- Fixed grammar on the tooltip for the Active Sentries buff.

- Chlorophyte Turret base damage reduced from 42 to 35 ((22 on rebalanced damage) and only fires three instead of five projectiles at once.

- In keeping in with how JoostMod changed its soil weapons, the Soil Spikes now gain damage for every 666 dirt blocks held instead of 100.

- Renamed [True] Night Spikes to [True] Night's Burrow.

- Light color on turret bases should finally match the color the turret itself is, instead of always bright.

- Spiky Ball Dropper now shoots out 4 projectiles instead of 3

- Magnetar Deployer projectiles will now chase wet targets instead of not homing in on them.

- Added Betsy's Turret.

- Added HMG Turret.

- Fixed sentry crits not working on any sentries that fired projectiles.

- Improved the sentry weapon and projectile detection, mainly with removing the old code used to detect sentry projectiles, as it was mostly causing issues and shouldn't be needed.

- All of this mod's sentries now have an use time of 15, but no more auto use, allowing quicker, more controlled sentry placements.

- The old code used to handle global damage increases has been removed. It had issues like not working with lowered damage like from debuffs. Now the player global damage variable is depended on, which certain mods might not be using yet.

- Terra weapons now have additional materials in their crafting, specifically shroomite bars, spectre bars, and spooky wood. This is so True weapons are not outdated the moment you get both.

- The dungeon weapons are no longer crafted (except with imkSushi's mod), but are now found in locked golden chests. They can also be collected from golden lock boxes.

- Adjusted cost of many weapons, making them far cheaper to reforge and more consistent with vanilla weapons of the same tier. A few minor crafting adjustments on specific weapons to also be better in line with vanilla crafting costs.

- Bee Emitter actually properly functions as a bee weapon now, over three years later. This means very slight random base damage and strong bees form using the Hive Pack now actually do more damage and knockback.

- Many sources that increase sentry speed have been reduced to half. Also max sentry speed is now 200% instead of 300%.

- Sentry Potion buff now only gives 1, instead of 2 max sentries. Reduced sentry count on many pieces of armor.

- Sky armor gives 5% increased sentry damage per piece instead of 6%, along with only one sentry slot added to the set bonus and taken away from each piece.

- Due to the rebalance, frost hydra projectiles once again no longer penetrate as not to completely outclass this mod's turret. This puts frost hdyras in the role of dealing with stronger targets like bosses while other turrets are better at crowds.

- The equipment UI no longer displays your max sentry count if Summoners Association is enabled, as it has a similar UI element as to avoid clutter.
Perfect, absolutely perfect. I know how to do basic editing, I’ll rename night’s spikes on the wiki.

edit: I just messed things up. -_-
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I would love an discord server or an weapon concepts link personally, so the fans of this mod would be able to communicate with others (if discord) as well as the owner. It could make the mod quite popular. Just realized link was on page, sorry. My only wish other than discord, is an option for more options on sentries.
What defines spikes' duration or life? Are they disappeared after kill exactly one enemy?
Is there any item to prolong their duration or life?
What defines spikes' duration or life? Are they disappeared after kill exactly one enemy?
Is there any item to prolong their duration or life?
They should last 24 IRL hours, which is effectively infinite till it despawns due to being replaced or the active sentries buff canceled. If they're disappearing some other way, then that's probably a bug I can look into, although I would need a mod list to narrow things down.
I want to check if this issue still persists, but tModloader says different.


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I want to check if this issue still persists, but tModloader says different.
This is really odd. There's so many older mods that work just fine with the latest tModLoader. Maybe I use outdated functions that causes this to happen? Well, I hope to have the next update out very soon that should resolve this issue, along with this mod not loading together with Spirit Mod.
This is really odd. There's so many older mods that work just fine with the latest tModLoader. Maybe I use outdated functions that causes this to happen? Well, I hope to have the next update out very soon that should resolve this issue, along with this mod not loading together with Spirit Mod.
I don't know either, but I don't play tModloaded Terraria yet until now.
Sometimes tModloader release small update without changelog and some mods are affected.
This thing has ever happened to certain mod I use some times ago.
I've finally updated this mod again, with the biggest change being the reworking of Gem Layers from being effectively floating small spikes to laser placement sentries. And also, this mod works with Spirit Mod again. Sorry about taking months to address that, I was in the middle of the Gem Layers rework and for the longest time couldn't fix a major bug that was stopping them from working altogether.

Front post will take some time to update and the wiki, even longer. Meanwhile here is the change log.

- 0.981: Updated for tModLoader v0.11.8.4
- Fixed a possible crash when mouse overing Engineer Chest tile on the full screen map.
- Reworked gem layers. They now create lasers between each other (of the same type) when placed.
- Added Prism Layer. Powered Gem Layers are no longer valid weapons non can be obtainable normally. Right clicking any changes it into a Prism Layer.
- Some resprites.
- Nerfed Sky Armor. Less defense, now has shadow scales or tissue samples as part of crafting recipes, and no longer gives a sentry slot per piece as it was an unintentional left over from re-balancing in the previous patch.
- Changed the damage display on the Jungle Turret and Chlorophyte Turret to * instead of x, to show the more universal multiplication symbol without confusion with the less clear x usage.
- Shadowspirit Hardhat disabled, as the related armor seems to have been removed from the Spirit Mod, so loading both no longer causes Expanded Sentries to not load.
- Gaiac Gyre (Terra Turret) damage buffed when Rebalanced Turrets setting is enabled.
- UFO Deathray projectile should no longer instantly despawn in rare situations (being the very first projectile created with no others around).
- Chips restored to their original sentry limit boosting values, while also retaining knockback boosts.
- Wasp Emitter projectiles no longer penetrate every 4 frames, nerfing them due to being far more powerful than intended.
- All turrets can now aim and fire down automatically. No more ignoring targets too below their angle.
- Staff of the Frost Hydra is now buffed (unlimited penetration, Frostburn on hit) regardless of Rebalanced Turrets setting.
- Orange Genji armor (for JoostMod cross mod support) has 1 sentry limit boost extra each.
Is this mod compatible and well balance for "Leveled Mod"? I'm trying play them in same run but i can't find the "type" of "Sentry" damage to burst with SP (Atributes points), Thanks and fall in love this mod.
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Is this mod compatible and well balance for "Leveled Mod"? I'm trying play them in same run but i can't find the "type" of "Sentry" damage to burst with SP (Atributes points), Thanks and fall in love this mod.
I don't think so. I'm not sure if that's something I can do on my end. Might have to contact the Leveled Mod dev about that.
Yet another update to Expanded Sentries. For the most part, this update is focused on new accessories that allow these sentries to float. Also some code clean up as I coded for that feature. Not sure if I broke something in the process. I likely probably did. First post and wiki update coming.

- 0.982: Added Shadow Mag-Lev, Sanguine Mag-Lev, and Wyvern Mag-Lev accessories, allowing normally non-floating traps and turrets to float.
- Fixed Auto Turret, Chiller Turret, and Novice Turret not placing above the sentry limit correctly during Old One's Army invasion.
- Fixed Orichalcum Spikes, Titanium Spikes, and Gritharvollr having the wrong, too high prices.
- Added Boss Checklist's Boss Log support for this mod's loot.
- Added a couple of Mod.Call functions for the player's floating traps and floating turrets variables for cross mod support.

Edit: Well then, the big new feature had issues due to how I coded it, but hopefully that's fixed up now.

- 0.983: Hopefully fixed floating sentries not actually being placed floating.
- Testing Auto Turret having some defense penetration. May extend to some other turrets.
- Fixed Crystal Orbit projectile instantly despawning if it's the very first projectile used, much like the UFO Deathray projectile did. Also fixed them not spinning left correctly if placed facing left.
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It's update time again. Plenty of twists and tweaks done. Big things are that the Pulsar Armor set bonus is finally more unique than merely no mana cost for sentries. Cross Mod support expands even more with a Pulsar Potion in line of the fragment potions from the More Potions mod. This should also help the mod keep up better with post Moon Lord content in mods, although still not a proper stand in for actual content made pass that point.

As per usual, it'll take me some time to update the first post and wiki.

- 0.984: Fixed issue where having greater than 100% summon damage would cause sentries to have 1 less damage.
- Updated handling of Thorium Mod mod calls.
- Fixed UFO Deathray not being set to place floating properly.
- Engineering armor set bonus no longer gives unlimited mana usage for sentries, but now makes Expanded Sentries turrets float.
- Renamed Gritharvollr to Gridarvol.
- Added Pulsar Potion, for cross More Potions support. Also added upgradable Luiafk unlimited items to go with the new potion.
- Pulsar Jetpack can now allow flying up faster by holding up like the vanilla Jetpack.
- Pulsar Drill lowered to a tile boost of 2 to be more in line with 1.4 vanilla lunar drills.
- Lunar Portal Staff and Rainbow Crystal Staff now have double the damage.
- Pulsar Fragments will now only drop from Stardust Pillars, but the randomized drop count is in the range of Stardust Fragments dropped.
- Even more resprites for all Pulsar items.
- Made several changes to some spikes to damage, hit immunity frames length, and effects to make them more unique. An example is Chlorophyte Spikes shooting out spore clouds.
- Pre-hardmode Gem Layers use item sprites of the since removed Powered Gem Layers.
- Pulsar Armor set bonus now creates a turret above the player to fire at enemies instead of no mana usage for sentries.
- Molten Gear, Molten Scope, Hallowed Gear, and Hallowed Scope had their crafting cost in bars changed from 12 to 6.
- Reduced cost of Molten Spikes and Molten Turret from 20 to 15 Hellstone Bars.
- Reduced cost of Hallowed Bars in Hallowed Chip's recipe from 6 to 2.
- Pearlcactus Pillar recipe also now accepts Eboncactus Pillar and Crimcactus Pillar.
Any hope for the 1.4 alpha comptibility?
Not quite yet. Months ago, I did some porting work, but I haven't touched that since. Plus I would have to port over the changes I made in the 1.3 mod since then. At this point, I'm mostly waiting for tModLoader 1.4 to either enter beta or full release. I should also note that Expanded Sentries won't be ported standalone, but combined with Esper Class and made into a bigger multi class mod. I mostly have this planned for easier coding and support within one mod instead of multiple. This isn't to mean a big general content mod is coming, as there are currently no plans for things like bosses or biomes.
I am upset. I have played with your mod on many playthroughs a while back...I enjoy your mod. Today I have taken notice that it is not compatible with current version tmod. ;-; I have high hopes that I am mistaken. Perhaps you have combined the mods already?
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