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Are the new class advancement requirements reasonable?

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  1. Yes! Major changes are NOT needed.

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  2. The Monster/Boss Orb requirements are reasonable, but not the other requirements.

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  3. The other requirements are reasonable, but not the Monster/Boss Orb requirements.

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  4. No! Major changes are needed.

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  1. OhXTheXHorror

    OhXTheXHorror Terrarian

    How do I get the console code?
  2. OhXTheXHorror

    OhXTheXHorror Terrarian

    Authorization Commands
    /expauth <code> grants auth on servers if the code is correct (see console for code) **this is not /auth

    This code, where do I find it???
  3. Rydel Sleak

    Rydel Sleak Terrarian

    With two people, if you both stand at a campfire and turn your XP into Orbs, then use the Orbs, you level more than what you originally had in levels.

    Is there a way to disable turning your XP into Orbs by chance?
  4. Omelet

    Omelet Terrarian

    I love this... but if you are reading this PLEASE remove the foreign texts and make it the international language (English) I beg you
  5. ShuVi

    ShuVi Steampunker

    the mod is in english the whole time. that russian version is a rip-off (i assume its created by Ren4o).
    issues that come with opensource. people tend to create rip-offs
  6. Jump

    Jump Skeletron Prime

    Does this mod work well with Kalciphoz's RPG Mod?
  7. prophet

    prophet Terrarian

    I'll assume bug, but in multiplayer you are able to craft exp orbs and use them around others to give them exp for no cost, allowing them to do the same back and essentially resulting in an infinite exp at any point.

    Oh and ascension orbs seem to kinda just despawn half the time in multiplayer but idk how much of this has to do with the mod and how much it has to do with servers, hard for me to tell.
  8. prophet

    prophet Terrarian

    Oh, And turns out its not only ascension orbs. Alot of things such as expert treasure bags despawn as well
  9. Satakal

    Satakal Terrarian

    Please, make the life drain class (Vampire Class)
  10. Crushed

    Crushed Terrarian


    Really like that mod, and would like to see it progress.

    But one big question, how do i reset my skillpoints?
    You know, those you spend on that small window when u click on "skills" on the UI.

    Cause i didnt even found aaanything in the sourcecode.... or in any infos...
  11. Twist_link

    Twist_link Terrarian

    Have you tried creating the "explorer" class or a "treasure hunter"?
  12. Demonic Mop

    Demonic Mop Terrarian

    the assassinate doesn't seem to be working it does the same damage with or without it, might just be one of my other mods though
  13. SihAlex

    SihAlex Skeletron Prime

    Hello there. I have one problem with this mod: I can't hide EXP bar with the /expbar command. If somebody knows how to solve it, please, tell me! :p
    EDIT: Everyone with the same problem, the solution is stupidly easy - just move the EXP bar with your mouse wherever you want. That's it :cool:
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  14. Di Capra

    Di Capra Terrarian

    Is there any way I can disable the jumpboost buff?>
  15. XelSlime

    XelSlime Terrarian

    Looks like this mod vanished from tModLoader's browser. That's a bit worrisome...


    Never mind, it's still there, I failed to adjust my filter settings properly.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
  16. Zellogi

    Zellogi Steampunker

    Here's a suggestion (if you're still making updates to this mod, anyways). Instead of the "Gunner" class having + Ranged and - Bow damage, can't you just do + Bullet damage? The Shroomite Mask has + Bullet damage for players who specialize in using guns instead of bows. It even has a headgear for + Rocket, which might be useful for a future class as well.
  17. Sanity Evoker

    Sanity Evoker Terrarian

    bug reports,
    Cleric's heal is overflowing if the level is higher than 255.
    ( Lv 256 Heal Amount is 30, instead of 247.74 it should have been)
  18. Pokecreeper

    Pokecreeper Steampunker

    I think most classes should have downsides, as I think it would make the classes feel more like what they should be. These should be flat downsides, however, not scaling with the player's level.

    Here are my ideas for downsides:
    Warrior: Crit chance cut in half
    Berserker: -20 Defense
    Tank: -10% Movement Speed, -10% Melee Speed (I'm aware of the aggro technically being a downside but it's not that strong)
    Archer: -20 Defense
    Gunner: -15% Movement Speed
    Ranger: +5% Ammo Usage, -5% Arrow Speed (If that's even possible)
    Assassin: -50 Defense, cuts max HP by 20%
    Ninja: -10 Defense, cuts max HP by 10%
    Mystic: -20 Defense
    Sage: -15% Movement Speed
    Minion Master: -10% Damage
    Soul Binder: -2 Minion
    Saint: -25% Damage
    Hybrid II: No Downsides

    These probably aren't balanced that well, but I tried my best.
  19. qwerty3.14

    qwerty3.14 Terrarian

    Hey for your Flying Minion ignore terrain mod could you check for if the projectile in question takes up minion slots? A projectile one of my minions shoots ignore blocks even though it shouldn't.
    all you need is
  20. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    I'll do that. Thanks!
    A patch should be out in the next day or two.

    Edit: It's up now.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018