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Are the new class advancement requirements reasonable?

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  1. Yes! Major changes are NOT needed.

    19 vote(s)
  2. The Monster/Boss Orb requirements are reasonable, but not the other requirements.

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  3. The other requirements are reasonable, but not the Monster/Boss Orb requirements.

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  4. No! Major changes are needed.

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  1. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    ClassToken_Novice.png ClassToken_Rogue.png ClassToken_Assassin.png ClassToken_Ninja.png Experience & Classes ClassToken_Squire.png ClassToken_Warrior.png ClassToken_Berserker.png ClassToken_Tank.png
    ClassToken_Mage.png ClassToken_Mystic.png ClassToken_Sage.png ClassToken_Hunter.png ClassToken_Archer.png ClassToken_Gunner.png ClassToken_Ranger.png ClassToken_Cleric.png ClassToken_Saint.png ClassToken_Summoner.png ClassToken_MinionMaster.png ClassToken_SoulBinder.png ClassToken_Hybrid.png ClassToken_HybridII.png

    Scroll to the bottom if you are here for one of the many Side Projects. Please let me know if anything down there seems out-of-date.

    There is a major revamp is in the works. Please see our new homepage for more info!

    Version 2 is almost ready! ETA is end of April/early May. A beta version is available on our Discord.

    Mod Version-----------------------1.3.13 (August 7, 2018)
    tModLoader Version-------------
    Multiplayer Compatibility------100%
    Mac and Linux Compatibility--yes
    Incompatible Mods---------------none that I know of
    Memory Usage--------------------negligible
    Network Load---------------------low-to-moderate


    This mod introduces an RPG-style class and leveling system where all monsters provide experience based on their health, defense, and damage stats. Your current level and progression is presented in a movable UI box. As you level, you unlock various bonuses and progress through three tiers of classes with several choices along the way.

    Classes are represented by accessory tokens, crafted at any workbench once you meet the requirements. Tokens cannot be equipped in custom slots added by other mods. See the Class Advancement section below or visit the Guide NPC in-game to check recipes. You can multiclass (equip more than one token), but your level will be split among the classes.

    You can adjust the rate of experience gain (increase, decrease, or halt altogether) to suit your playstyle and any mod content that you may be using. You can also put a cap on your character's level and/or reduce the damage bonuses from classes. This is all done using chat commands (see commands section).

    If you come across anything that is poorly documented, please let me know so I can address it.

    Recent Version Highlights
    • ALL Cleric/Saint abilities are now implemented!
    • Updated to tModLoader v0.10.1.4
    • XP and Ascension orb sharing distance cut in half
    • Flat 5% bonus to Boss Orb drops in singleplayer
    • Ascension Orb drop rate now increases based on how many of that type of monster has been killed since it last dropped one
    • Ability system improved
    • Minor bug fixes and optimizations
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent pre-mod characters from joining worlds
    Much of this documentation will not be updated until later in the revamp. Please visit our Discord if you encounter any issues.
    1. Install tModLoader (or download the tmod file here)
    2. Find ExperienceAndClasses in the Mod Browser and install it
    3. Restart the game (often better than just reloading)
    Gaining Experience
    Each time a hostile NPC is killed, all nearby players will be awarded experience according to the formula:
    experience = (max life / 100) * (1 + (defense / 10)) * (1 + (damage / 25))
    You can think of this formula as:
    • 1xp per 100 max life
    • double the experience for every 10 defense stat
    • double the experience for every 25 damage stat
    Currently, all nearby players are given full, equal experience. All players within 5,000 units (a few screens) of the NPC will receive experience. When a boss is slain, all players will receive the experience regardless of distance and whether or not they are still alive.

    You can choose to receive a message each time experience is gained by entering /expmsg. These messages are disabled by default.

    Additional Details:
    -Monsters with 5 or less health give no experience
    -Monsters spawned by statues give no experience (due to a tModLoader bug, these monsters currently DO award experience in multiplayer)
    -Well fed provides a 10% experience boost
    -Rounds down to the nearest whole
    -The minimum experience awarded is 1 unless exprate is set to 0% (see commands)
    -Saves to the character (not to the map)
    -Super defense enemies (e.g, crawltipede head and body) do not grant bonus experience based on their defense [prevents crawltipede from awarding vastly more xp than any boss]

    Character experience can be converted to item form at any Campfire. These items may be stored, traded, etc. The item is a consumable that re-grants 1 experience. You can craft these into variants for x100, x1000, and so on at any workbench and then consume those much more quickly.

    Example: Eye of Cthulhu (solo, expert)
    Health: 3640
    Defense: 12
    Damage: 30
    = (max life / 100) * (1 + (defense / 10)) * (1 + (damage / 25))
    = (3640/100) * (1 + (12/10)) * (1 + (30/25))
    = 36.4 * 2.2 * 2.2
    = 176.176
    = 176 (round down to nearest int)

    Your level is based on your current amount of experience with each level requiring more than the last. The mod adds a movable info box (above) to track progression (type /expui to hide).

    Level Benefits
    Level does not do anything on its own. Instead, class bonuses are based on current level.

    Death Penalty
    There is a death penalty equal to 10% of the current level, but this cannot reduce your experience enough to "delevel" you.

    Maximum Level
    There is no realistically obtainable max level. On a legit playthrough, you will probably reach somewhere between 40 and 70. Those who grind a huge amount might eventually reach 95-100, but this is not actually the max level.

    Level Requirements
    The EXTREME levels require intense endgame grinding.

    Class Tokens
    Classes are implemented as accessories called Class Tokens, which can be crafted at any workbench (see Class Advancement for recipes). Bonuses are given based on your current level and which token is equipped. Only one token may be equipped at a time. While equipped, the tooltip will update to reflect the current bonuses so you can see what you are getting at a glance.

    It is now possible to be multiple classes at once (to equip multiple tokens at once), but your effective level will be divided amount the classes (rounding down). For example, a level 50 with 2 classes will gain the bonuses from 25 levels in each class.

    Class Tree

    Unique Classes

    Unique Classes: Assassin
    -Opener Attacks (see above) rewards a hit and run playstyle
    -Assassins are also the only class to receive bonus critical damage and this has a tripled effect on Opener Attacks

    Unique Classes: Ninja
    -Makes throwing builds viable! (Ninja's throwing damage modifier is the highest of all the damage modifiers)

    Unique Classes: Sage
    -Sages deal less damage than Mystics, but have better survivability. In addition to this, Sages passively produce a "Defense Aura" that bolsters the defenses of the Sage and any nearby allies.

    Unique Classes: Minion Master
    -Minion Master can acquire up to 17 bonus minions, but suffer a minion damage penalty.

    Unique Classes: Cleric/Saint
    -Clerics passively produce an "Ichor Aura" that periodically inflicts the Ichor debuff on nearby enemies.
    -Saints produces the "Ichor Aura" as well as a "Life Aura" (party healing) and "Damage Aura" (periodic damage against all nearby foes)

    Unique Classes: Hybrid
    -The perfect choice for anyone who is undecided on what Tier 3 class they would like to play or anyone who simply enjoys a more-flexible playstyle
    Ascension Orbs (formerly, Monster Orbs)
    Ascension Orbs can be dropped by any non-boss monster at a low chance (currently 1/150). This chance is repeated for each nearby player in multiplayer (multiple can drop from a single enemy). These orbs are used in both Tier II and Tier III advancement. Excess can be converted to experience at a workbench or sold to any merchant. The experience exchange rate increases with each class tier and then again at level 50+ of Tier III. If you are having trouble finding these, you can also craft them from a life crystal, a mana crystal, and 20 gold/platinum bars.

    Boss Orbs
    Boss Orbs can be dropped by any boss. The drop rate is 25%, and this is repeated for each player in multiplayer (multiple can drop from a single boss). Tier III advancement requires 5 of these orbs. These orbs can also be converted into multiple Ascension Orbs, experience, or simply sold. The experience exchange rate increases with each class tier and then again at level 50+ of Tier III.

    Orb Drops and Announcements
    In multiplayer, the check for whether an orb will drop is repeated for each nearby (within experience range) player. In the case of bosses, all players roll regardless of distance. When a check succeeds, the name of the player who's roll succeeded is announced. It is possible for multiple orbs to drop if multiple rolls succeed. It is up to your group whether you share orbs when it comes time to craft advancements or if you give the orb to the player who's name was called.

    Tier I
    Tier I has no requirements. The Novice Token can be freely crafted at any workbench and new characters will begin with one in their inventory.

    Tier II Advancement
    At level 10, a Novice can advance into one of several Tier II classes. Crafting the new class token will require the prior token (Novice) ClassToken_Novice.png , one Ascension Orb Monster_Orb.png , and an additional item based on which class you select (see below). The advancement will consume 10 levels worth of experience so you will return to level 1 unless you have excess experience.

    Tier III Advancement
    At level 25, a Tier II class can advance into one of several Tier III sub-classes. Crafting the new class token will require the prior token, 5 Boss Orbs Boss_Orb.png , 50 Ascension Orbs Monster_Orb.png , and one or more additional items based on which class you select (see below). The advancement will consume 25 levels worth of experience so you will return to level 1 unless you have excess experience.

    Crafting and Prefixes
    Like any accessory, there is a chance that a token will have a prefix. However, any prefix crafted will be instantly removed. If you want prefixes on your tokens, then you can reforge at the Goblin Tinkerer. This gives you the flexibility to use or not use prefixes on the classes.

    Specific Requirements
    Classes take up one accessory slot, but give more potential power than any accessory. Consequently, this mod will make the game easier. I recommend playing on Expert with other mods to increase difficulty. You might also consider using fewer accessories.

    Commands To Decrease Power
    -You can adjust the rate of experience gain with /exprate
    -You can impose a maximum level with /explvlcap
    -You can reduce class damage, attack speed, and critical with /expdmgred

    Mods To Increase Difficulty
    -increasing spawn rate with "Cheat Sheet" tModLoader - Cheat Sheet
    -adding enemy modifiers with "Even More Modifiers" tModLoader - Even More Modifiers
    -increasing boss difficulty with "Calamity" demon trophy tModLoader - Calamity Mod
    -and further tweaks with Zocklukas's "Stats Config" tModLoader - Stats Config
    NOTE: Any mod that increases life/defense/damage will increase experience too so you may need to adjust exprate.

    A Challenge
    As a challenge, you could try using only your class token and some utility accessories (boots, wings, double jump, etc). Doing so would help keep your overall damage down and emphasize the class progression.
    Basic Commands
    /expui shows/hides the experience and level UI
    /expuitrans toggles transparency of UI
    /expuireset resets the UI position, visibility, and transparency
    /explist lists the level and class of all current players in the map
    /expmsg enables/disables the "You have earned x experience." messages

    Advanced Commands
    /exprate displays current experience acquisition rate
    /exprate # sets experience acquisition rate (0% disables experience gain)
    /expclasscaps enables/disables the caps on certain class bonuses
    /expadd # adds specified amount of experience
    /expsub # subtracts specified amount of experience
    /expset # sets experience to the specified amount
    /explvladd # increase current level by specified amount
    /explvlsub # decrease current level by specified amount
    /explvlset # set current level to specified value
    /explvlcap displays current level cap
    /explvlcap # creates a level cap for the current character (-1 to disable, can down-level your character)
    /expdmgred displays current damage reduction
    /expdmgred # reduces the damage stats (damage, crit, and attack speed) that you receive from class tokens (-1 to disable)

    Authorization Commands
    /expauth <code> grants auth on servers if the code is correct (see console for code) **this is not /auth
    /expnoauth can be used in singleplayer to toggle on/off the auth requirement when that map is run in multiplayer

    Trace Commands (for multiplayer troubleshooting)
    /exptrace toggles trace on the current character, displays a message whenever that character receives a mod packet
    /expmaptrace toggles trace on the current map, must be used in singleplayer and then load the map in multiplayer (to prevent players from toggling this on larger servers), displays a message whenever the server receives a mod packet
    All settings are set and saved individually for each character (or map in the case of multiplayer exprate and classcaps) and persist between sessions.
    In multiplayer, /exprate, /expclasscaps, and all commands which change experience values require authentication first.
    The level cap and damage reduction settings do work in multiplayer, but these are not global attributes (i.e., each player can choose to impose these limits on themselves or not).

    Some commands will not work with the outdated tModLoader Please update when you can.
    I have tested this mod in multiplayer with many other mods and I have found no conflicts yet. You can even use "Class Based RPG Mod" with this for two sets of classes.
    -monsters killed by lava DO award experience (some probably prefer this)
    -Minion Master can have enough minions that some attacks may fail to hit due to the limit on the number of piercing attacks per second
    Anything in this section may be subject to change.

    In Development
    -cleric/saint rework
    -add a hotkey for future active abilities
    -redo server-wide level cap

    -at max level, display 100% exp instead of 0%
    -fix minions ignore terrain now also affecting their projectiles
    -remove repetitive control warning about /expnoauth
    -look into horizontal speed bonus issue
    -improve visual when Assassin opener attack is ready
    -combine all player settings into one object and generalize packet sync (simplify future settings and reduce chance of bugs)
    -add a command to change the map auth code (usable only in single-player for security)

    -command to limit damage dealt and/or increase damage taken (server-controlled)
    -rework ranged classes and eventually all classes to be more unique
    -try setting all minion attacks to non-piercing and see what happens (potentially improve Minion Master class)
    -berserker attack speed changed to stacking buff that builds with each hit (lower minimum, higher maximum potential) show a meter?
    -ninja petal damage scaling or revamp
    -overhead experience gain messages

    Ideas With Issues
    -potentially implement a config file to allow customization of class bonuses, but session settings would have to sync to host in multiplayer
    No other plans at this time. I'm open to suggestions.
    1. What is your opinion of the current classes and balance?
    2. Does the experience/level curve feel reasonable?
    3. Do monsters give reasonable amounts of experience?
    4. Are the Monster Orbs and Boss Orbs too easy/difficult to obtain? Are they worth too little/much experience?
    Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the WIP stage of this project!

    Sprites adapted from: (license, authors, used with modifications) for the bits of sprite work I've done: (basically a free, light-weight Photoshop)

    Of course, a big thank you to the tModLoader team: Standalone - [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    And for inspiration:
    Hiccup251 "Class Based RPG Mod" tModLoader - Class Based RPG Mod
    Rockos "Rockos ARPG" tModLoader - Rockos ARPG
    Ivysaur "Level System - With Classes" tModLoader - Ivysaur's level system - With classes
    You are free to play this mod in any way that you like. The vanilla experience features slow leveling, minor to moderate bonuses (extreme bonuses are possible with enough grinding), and some degree of balance. If you would rather use this mod for an extreme power boost, read on.

    You can use commands to increase your experience/level as well as the rate at which you gain experience. You can also toggle (on/off) the limits that exist for certain class bonuses with the /expclasscaps command.

    This mod is balanced around levels 1-100. If you manually increase your level past this point or remove the limits on certain bonuses, then all balance is lost. The technical max level is 3000.
    ZeldaRupee: Coin to Rupee Conversion
    Replaces coin sprites and sounds with those of rupees. The rupee sprites are animated and spin around when on the ground. Coin names are unchanged.
    Rupee Sound Preview

    Wavebank (specifically for Terraria
    Music from Nintendo's Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, A Link Between Worlds, and Twilight Princess.
    1. Go to ...\Terraria\Content
    2. Make a BACKUP of Wave Bank.xwb
    3. Overwrite with this Wave Bank (keeping your backup somewhere safe)
    Download Wavebank from my Google Drive
    This mod adds three tiers Chocobo mounts and a means to obtain each. All mounts can be dyed.

    Chocobo ChocoboMount.png
    Speedy ground mount. Summoned with Chocobo Whistle ChocoboWhistle.png , which drops from all hostile, non-critter, non-statue enemies at 1/500 chance.

    Black Chocobo
    Speedier ground mount with double jump and water walking. Summoned with Black Chocobo Whistle BlackChocoboWhistle.png , which is crafted from two Chocobo Whistles ChocoboWhistle.png and 100 Sylkis Greens BlackChocoboFeather.png . Sylkis Greens drop from all hostile, non-critter, non-statue enemies at 1/100 chance.

    Gold Chocobo
    The fastest of the chocobos with brief flight and water walking. Summoned with Gold Chocobo Whistle GoldChocoboWhistle.png , which is crafted from Chocobo Whistle ChocoboWhistle.png , Black Chocobo Whistle BlackChocoboWhistle.png , 100 Sylkis Greens BlackChocoboFeather.png , and a Zeio Nut ZeioNut.png . Zeio Nuts drop from all bosses at 1/50 chance.
    This mod adds a two-in-one cloud mount. When it is not raining, the mount is a cute and fluffy Nimbus. When it rains, the Nimbus automatically transforms into an angry Cumulonimbus. Both forms have unlimited hover flight similar to the Cosmic Car Key and a basic attack. The mount can be dyed.

    The mount item Nimbus.png can be crafted from a Nimbus Staff, 100 Cloud, and 100 Soul of Flight.


    Cumulonimbus CumulonimbusMount.png
    This mod contains just one light pet for now, but I intend to add a few more later. Each pet will have 150% brightness and passively reveal treasure (slightly better than the best vanilla light pet). Entering /reveal will toggle the passive ability on/off. This setting is saved on the character so you do not need to toggle each time you play. All light pets can be dyed.

    If you would like a specific light pet made, forward me the image (sprite) that you would like me to use. The requirements are:
    -image is not copyrighted (please provide its source)
    -image has no background or has a solid background that can easily be removed
    -image looks okay after resizing (around 25-50 pixel width/height)

    Lantern Spirit LanternSpirit.png
    Crafted from 1 Robe (20 Silk at a Loom), 1 Caged Lantern (found in Dungeon), 1 Carriage Lantern (found in Dungeon), and 1 Obsidian Lantern (found in Underworld).

    Majora's Mask (this is a bad screenshot, it looks better than this in-game)
    Crafted from one of each vanilla boss mask up to and including Duke Fishron.

    Cog Vortex (spins quickly)
    Crafted from 100 cogs. I made it red so that most dyes will show up well on it.
    This is a very simple mod that allows all flying minions to pass through all tiles. I created this mod because I was tired of having my minions stuck on everything.
    The mod doesn't affect land minions or sentries. This has been tested with all vanilla minions. Mod minions will ignore terrain if they have ignoreWater set to true.
    Another simple mod. This one prevents the yo-yo attack speed bug by limiting attack speed to 200% (100% bonus) while a yo-yo is equipped. Some mod yo-yos might not be detected.
    WORK IN PROGRESS. This mod will eventually contain several active weapons that scale with the minion damage stat.
    Decreases respawn time. There are many mods like this, but this one has the lowest timer of any that I've tried. I published this mostly so that my friends and I could use it more easily.
    WORK IN PROGRESS. This mod will bypass the hard-coded 160% (60% bonus over base) limit to movement/run speed.
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  2. updatedude

    updatedude Terrarian

    Pretty awesome, I like it.
  3. Kyune

    Kyune Terrarian

    Here's a suggestion, maybe have bosses drop more exp than normal mobs if that isn't in already :p
    Other than that, I love this mod
  4. Strayed Soul

    Strayed Soul Terrarian

    This is a beautiful class and RPG mod!!!!!
  5. Sumenora

    Sumenora Plantera

    This Mod shows Potential.. ill keep a eyes on this one ;3
  6. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Bosses have high health so they give a large amount of experience. Possibly even too much.

    Example: Eye of Cthulhu (solo, expert)
    Health: 3640
    Defense: 12
    Damage: 30

    = (3640/100) * (1 + (12/10)) * (1 + (30/25))
    = 36.4 * 2.2 * 2.2
    = 176.176
    = 176 (round down to nearest int)

    To put 176 experience into perspective, most early monsters give 1-3 experience.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016
  7. BiGGieEyes

    BiGGieEyes Terrarian

    Hi. I would like to let you know that your mod is no longer compatible with Latest Tmodloader.

    Here is the current error log :

    This mod uses an old Mod.ChatInput hook
    at Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.Autoload()
    at Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.do_Load(Object threadContext)

    Hope this helps
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  8. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Thank you very much for the heads up!
    I have now updated for compatibility with 0.9.1.
  9. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    Great!! I have been waiting for a mod like this. I do think the sprite should be Terraria styled though.
  10. •ӍλЯѴЇИ•

    •ӍλЯѴЇИ• Official Terrarian

  11. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

  12. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    I'm open to sprite volunteers. ;)

    I ripped some cool class symbol sprites from another game for personal use, but then I added these trashy homemade sprites for the public release. I'm not a sprite artist.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016
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  13. Roxxz

    Roxxz Golem

    This looks great. Hope you continue developing.
  14. updatedude

    updatedude Terrarian

    I actually sort of like the simplistic icons. Although some are perhaps a tad too dark.
  15. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Would it be better if I kept with the roman numerals and lost the shield? I could colour just the numerals to tell them apart.

    Edit: or I could just make the font white.
  16. Iara

    Iara Official Terrarian

    It looks great... But extremely unbalanced.
    In my opinion, tokens shouldn't all give positive effects. They should also have negative effects. Or else they make the game TOO easy. No matter what the player does.
    I want to try this and help you improve it, but its' really unbalanced as if it is.

    Here is what I suggest. Take it with a grain of salt, since I am just spouting ideas that you can work on.

    Warrior: The warrior is a melee based class, so their armor will most likely have defense already. Their weapons will try to stop most enemies, and they DO have access to ranged melee weapons! So they need to also be punished. How come they can attack that much with literally no drawbacks?

    -Increases damage taken by 10%, enemies are more likely to target you, massively decreases magic damage to a pitiful amount. Reduces horizontal movement by 5%.

    Tank: There is little reason to be a tank since most warriors are quite tanky. I think you should change it. Make it so that the tanks gain a lot of HP and defense. That way, things can be a bit more balanced. Now, for the "punishment":

    -Reduces damage dealt by 10%, enemies are more likely to target you, massively decreases magic damage to a pitiful amount. Reduces horizontal movement speed by 10%, decreases life regeneration and doubles the time of "Potion Sickness".

    Hunter: My only advice for ranger is to make them weak in the defense department. That's about it. You could also:
    -Reduce their magic damage.
    -Reduce their melee attack and speed (Don't worry, melee speed has no effects on mining)
    -Make their buffs last less time (So that they don't rely too much on them)

    Mage: You know why magic armor has barely any defense? Balance. Mages are far too strong in attack. First off: You should REMOVE the HP boost from mages, only sage should get it. You should also NOT give every bonus to mages. This is a mistake you make with all your classes: You give them every bonus there is. Mysticshouldn't get Mana regeneration or extra mana in such high quantities.

    I got lazy and didn't do the rest but I think you get my point, right? It takes some serious balancing. You should tone down the amount of stats (as well as the quantity of points a single stat is boosted) per level.

    Also... Statue-generated, as well as boss-spawned monsters, do not give EXP right?
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  17. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Thank you very much for the feedback! This is all useful!

    At a glance, I don't see a way to differentiate boss-spawned monsters from others (am I missing something?), but I think that it's okay if these monsters give experience. Farming these monsters isn't particularly efficient and they even persist after the boss dies. Also, they don't appear to have have unbalanced hp/def/dmg so their experience reward should be fair and contributes to the risk/reward of boss fights.

    I'm hesitant to reduce movement speed because slow movement just isn't fun (especially for melee folks), but I agree that the classes need downsides. Some of the other mods that introduce classes have had downsides and it has worked out pretty well. I started thinking about what these downsides might be before I started coding, but I'm having some difficulty. For now, I've just increased difficulty with the suggested mods to compensate. One change that I do plant to make is to lower the overall hp bonus. Vanilla's 500hp is more than enough for most classes.

    However, most people that I know specialize their characters to the point that most downsides wouldn't really matter. For example, I could set all squire class' magic damage to zero and that probably wouldn't hinder anyone. Those who enjoy a mixed play style would just roll the Hybrid class. The hybrid class is objectively overpowered, but I didn't want to force everyone to specialize.

    Re: Tanks. I have given tanks the most hp/defense and even some %hp regen and aggro. Still, it doesn't really make sense to roll a tank outside of multiplayer, and even then the warrior class is generally a better option. Or assassin if you like melee speed and dodging. Terraria just isn't tank-friendly.

    Re: Sage/Mystic. Magic users generally spec for pure damage. I wanted the Sage (defensive option) to be at least a little bit tempting, but I probably over-speced it.

    Balance is certainly the biggest issue that I can see with this mod. I started on this mod only a few days ago (my first Terraria mod) and have focused on making things work rather than making things balanced. Realistically, I don't expect to find a balance that works with Vanilla, but I do hope to improve overall balance. I will be away for a few days (happy holidays everyone!), but I intend to improve balance at least a little bit when I return.

    tldr for others; What downsides might balance the classes without impeding fun? What class bonuses can be given that don't horribly imbalance the game?
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2016
  18. Hanot

    Hanot Terrarian

    Hi, just coming here to say two things.

    First, I loved your mod with all my heart, it's trully amazing.
    I expect you to come with new classes and such.

    And second, there is a Mod I like very much "MaxStacks", but when I use the two mods together they cancel the stack size of 9,999,999 of your mod. I don't know if there is a solution for this but I'd like to play with the two of them.

    Thx again for the mod. Keep the good work.
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  19. Iara

    Iara Official Terrarian

    If you want me to, I could actually make runs with your mod on, to find WHAT the problems are. It's nice that this is your first mod, and seems to have tons of potential, hence why I want to see it improve. However, in my opinion, asking people to install other mods "just so that they can counter how easy this mod makes the game" is poor form.

    I play hardcore expert no cheese runs all the time. So I could test them to tell you exactly what it does. I also add hamstar's mods, because I think those are the best difficulty-increasing mods there are. I wanted to like enemy prefixes, but the whole "rare enemy and added weapons" thing doesn't do it for me. However, the mod creator doesn't seems to want to add a config file in order to delete that.

    Movement speed is relative. If you have a lot of speed, it will do nothing to you already. Movement speed in melee was mostly to prevent "beam-scum", and make people who want "pseudo-melee" go for Rogue. Rogue should be the melee speedster, not the warrior class. You have no idea how "not-melee" hardmode weapons are.

    Giving tanks hp regen, when they already have hp regen to begin with, would be extremely unbalanced. They would literally NEVER die. If you never die, then you can kill EVERYTHING in the game. Sure, it will take a while, but you will take everything down eventually. Pair this down with a shiny stone and see what it does.

    Most people leave balance out when they make mods... Which result in AWFUL MODS. For some reason, people like them tho.
    If you need help testing out balance, I am here for you. I can help you with everything except the cleric one, because I don't play Thorium mod. (As you can see, I am extremely picky with my mods)
  20. ardittristan

    ardittristan Steampunker

    the warrior class adds melee speed but when you level too high and the melee speed goes past a certain point (I don't know how high tho) yoyo's bug out and fly away making them unusable. Maby it's a smart idea to add a cap to the melee speed so yoyo's don't bug out past a certain point.
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