PC Expert Mode Class Playthrough Looking for Group

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    Hey guys! I'm looking for a set of 2-4 people to start a class run with me to prepare for when Master Mode comes out. (If you don't know what a class play through is, it basically just means that you can only use ONE category of weapon damage throughout out the run. For Example: Melee Damage, Ranged Damage, Magic Damage, and Summon Damage.) The reason I want it to be a class playthrough is because it's typically harder to do a class playthrough than if you were to use ALL categories of weapons. Meaning that it is more of a challenge and as I said, we are preparing for MASTER mode. Supposedly the hardest mode in the game. I created a discord server already, so I will put the link down below for you to join. Put your Steam names into the general chat if you are interested please and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you guys!
    (Note: This thread is no longer available as I have acquired the amount of people needed. Thanks!)
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