Explored map areas go black (at night?)

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So every now and then, during nighttime, I open up the map and the explored parts are covered in fog of war. If I run around, the surface center (base) remains black while certain other surface areas that I visit become uncovered again. After sunrise (or ALT+TAB even), everything explored shows up again.

Normally, when I open up the map, (for some reason) the black "fog" is gradually removed from the center to the edges of the map over a second or two. I have no idea why this happens at all. It almost seems as if this function simply fails to run sometimes.

This has been around at least since the latest version of 1.3.

Oh, and also, while this issue is in effect, land that I re-explore during the night turns black or very dark (on the map) once the issue wears off, as if the game keeps updating re-explored areas using the nightly low-level light.

Update: I just had this happen around 6pm in-game time. Although, perhaps I hadn't looked at the map since the night before … or it has nothing to do with nighttime. :|


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