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Pixel Art Face Monster's Sprites

Face Monster

Artist Request Conditions
Ask for an item, enemy, or armor and I will sprite it. Not too large, and max of 3 per person.
I am best at weapons, but I can do small bosses too..

Here is a compilation of a lot of my sprites.
Arch Harpy.pngCrag Giant.gifCragslime.gifimgonline-com-ua-twotoone-eJIwpJrvTYyJz2NP.pngLeaper Tech.pngNew Piskel.gifPetrified_Soul.gif <lol look at this guy Starry_Slime.gif
Daedalus Stuff: DaedalusBreastplate.pngDaedalusChainsaw.pngDaedalusDrill.pngDaedalusPickaxe.pngDaedalusRepeater.pngDaedalusSword.pngDaedalusWaraxe.pngDartCannon.pngDaedalusLeggings.png
Mushroom Stuff: GlowingMushroomDrill.pngGlowingMushroomHat.pngGlowingMushroomHelmet.pngGlowingMushroomHood.pngGlowingMushroomPants-1.png.pngGlowingMushroomPick.pngGlowingMushroomSaw.pngGlowingMushroomShirt.pngGlowingMushroomSword.pngGlowingMushroomWaraxe.pngMorelon.png
Evils Alt Stuff: BloodyViciousScent.pngBoneLeech.pngMasticator.pngSpitfish.pngTheTongue.png DemonKnuckles.pngVileMoray.pngCurse.pngCursegut.pngDemonHand.pngTheTooth.png CryKnuckles.pngCrystalBag.pngCrystalThresher.png
Pyramid Rework: Ankh.pngGoldenScarab.pngRisenPharaoh.pngSaharah.pngSandDartTrap.pngSarcophagus.pngScarabShield.pngScarabStaff.pngKhopesh.pngLapisPendant.pngTombGuard.pngMummyCloth.png
Viking Ship:AncientWolf.pngFenrir.pngIceRune.pngJotunheim.pngOldShield.pngSax.pngSpiritAxe.pngVikingGhost.gifVikingStill.png
DO NOT TAKE THESE! These are not to be used or edited in any way without my permission.

Here for requests
blue is in progress
green is finished
Parkour boots
Famine enemy
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Can i have a parkour shoes done
(I am studying programming so if i get these i might be able to create a mod with them)
Thank you
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