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Short Story Fading (My first short story)


Empress of Light
Just a small, short story I came up in the shower. Here it is:


I was stood there, looking down at my bare, red feet. The water was warm and soothing as it ran down my back, through the rough, tangled mess that was my hair. The room was hazy from the heat, the white tiles becoming damp with condensation. The glass door into the shower was fogging up, and I could barely see out. All sense of time was lost in my own small world, confined to a small box.

That's when it happened. It was subtle at first, but slowly grew into a tense numbing running down my spine. I could feel the ground below me grow weak, but then I noticed something odd. The watery mist began turning a vibrant blue, slowly engulfing the roof and walls. The glass around me fell into an endless abyss, which became a bright green landscape. I felt a faint breeze run through my rugged hair, sweeping the grass with it in unison. Trees began to spring up in the distance, standing tall. I began to walk, feeling the grainy dirt between my toes, the warm sunlight hitting my back. The faint, soothing whistling of the wind rang through my head, the distant rustling of leaves flowing behind it. On the horizon, great mountains rose from the ground, bringing with them a low rumble and a subtle shake through the ground.

I lazily walked through the forest for a while, running the soft, smooth leaves between my fingers. I was listening to the wind when I heard a faint shout call from the mountains. I followed it, and yet the closer I got, the quieter it became. Clouds began to break the blue of the sky, and rain began to fall. The downpour was cold and intense, so I found shelter. The shouting became screaming, but I couldn't make out any of the words. Other voices began to emerge along side it, and they seemed closer, yet still unintelligible. Out of all it, I could make out but one phrase: "We're losing him." The clouds became darker, and the rain became harder, but I was determined to find where it was coming from.

The trees had turned a dull grey-green, and began to wilt. I kept running, curiosity and desperation driving me, until I fell on a rock that jutted out from the ground. I hit the ground with a solid shake, at which point a roaring cry flung through the air. The mountains began to crumble at this, trees uprooted. The grass had gone from a soft, silky texture to a crispy, crunchy feel. I tried to move, but couldn't; fear was paralysing me. The clouds had turned a solid, deathly black, as if night, with great bolts of lightning streaking through. I watched in abject horror as the world - my paradise - caved around me. The mountains had become piles of rubble, reminders of what they once were. The grass had withered away, and the dirt was coarse and rough. The entire forest had been swept away. As I lay there, unable to do anything, I had a realisation. That cry was the cry of my mother. The ground around me began to turn to a haze of grey-brown, the lightning subsiding into nothing. I began to feel a sensation of tranquillity overcome me. The ground faded into black. And then, out of the void, a shrill deafening scream.

After that, nothing. I felt numb. I didn't feel happy, sad, angry, calm. There was nothing for me. I was in nothing. I was nothing. My last experience of reality was the cry of my own mother.

What did you think? Feedback would be nice, given that this is my first ever piece of literature outside of school.
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