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PC Fallen Logs should not need to exist for fairies to spawn, or at least should be replaceable in some way


Yeah I tore down most of the logs in my first 1.4 world when I noticed they took more than one hit to break and realized they probably give wood. Too late did I learn that I could have caught fairies near them.
Perhaps moving them to Living Trees would be better?


even if they can be aquired via shaking pearlwood trees, those are hardmode...

and the way it is now doesn't sounds to be troll-proof either. like, what if someone joins a multiplayer world and destroys all the fallen logs just to troll everyone?

it would be nice, if there would be player-placed variants too (maybe comes in several variants), that work the same as the naturally generated fallen logs. like how @FantasticFwoosh said.


I wish there was Graveyard recipes for all the rubble, altars and other decor that can't be currently crafted.

For example:

* Fairy Logs: 30 pure wood + 10 pearlwood + 1 of each fairy with Sawmill in Graveyard.
* Broken furniture rubble: Corresponding furniture with any anvil in Graveyard.
* Cobweb rubble: 10 webs per tile it occupies with Loom in Graveyard.
* Bones: 25 bones per tile occupies with Bone welder in Graveyard.
* Rocks: 10 stone per tile it occupies in Heavy Workbench next to anvil in Graveyard.
* Rocks with gear stuck: 30 stone + Miner's helmet, or Lead/Iron pickaxe, or Lead/Iron sword in heavy work bench next to anvil in Graveyard.
* Broken gear: Corresponding gear (wooden arrow, iron/lead sword, miner helmet, etc) + autohammer in Graveyard.
* Mossy/Grassy rocks: 1 moss/grass seeds and 10 stone per tile in Heavy Workbench next to anvil in Graveyard.
* Gem rubbles: 1 gem and 5 stone per title in Heavy Workbench next to anvil in Graveyard
* Tent decor: 25 silk, 2 iron ore in Loom in Graveyard.
* Pile of dirt with shovel: 100 dirt + shovel by hand in Graveyard.
* Wheelbarrow full of dirt: 25 dirt + 10 iron/lead bars with anvil in Graveyard.
* Post with rope: 10 any wood + rope coil with workbench in Graveyard.
* Altars: Demonite/Crimtane + Luminite Ore with Crystal Ball in Graveyard.
* Stalactites/Stalagmites/icicles: 5 of the block corresponding its appearance per tile.

Altars placed by players do break when hit with a hammer, and do not generate ores, the rest of the rubble would work just the same as the original.
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