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Fallen Stars: A New Use!

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Everybody knows about fallen stars and their animation for consumption. But they don't get consumed! I propose to change them to a consumable.

Starry Eyed
A buff given for 30 seconds after consuming a fallen star. The area is fully illuminated! Great for exploring the minimap or finding ore.
I... I never knew they had a consumption animation. But, regardless of if it had an animation beforehand or not - this is an amazing idea


This would completely null the need for potions like the Hunter Potion, Night Owl Potion, or the Spelunker Potion. The buff time may be short, but getting 10+ a night can be easily done.


I like the idea, but in the very old days, I’m pretty sure they restored a bit of mana when used, maybe that could work?


Yeah, like a bad mana potion. Sort of like how mushrooms are bad health potions. It would still regain some mana, but be pretty much useless as a mana restorer beyond early game.
Probably the buff 'Starblood': when you take damage, you light up the area around you and Confuse enemies for 2-3 seconds. More damage — bigger radius. The buff itself would last about a minute.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Buff Name:"Mana fueled"
Buff Description: You are charged with the cosmos!
Buff Effect: +30% mana damage, 20% less mana consumption, and 5% chance to not consume mana.
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