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Few suggestions to make Terraria more comfortable

  • Pressing "B" while looking into chest would apply all buff potions from it as well as from inventory.
  • An information trinket (like depthmeter ans similiar) that would show what biome you are currently in.
  • Possibility to ask Angler how much of his quest you finished.
  • Possibility to speed up the night by using bed (only if no events occured.)
  • A tool to transport chests that contain something. For example, when picking up filled chest, you wouldnt be able to hold in hands anything else. Wery usefull when you decide to move a chest from one room to another, and not so if you want to carry it across the map.
  • If you set up NPC base in cave level, it would not be overwhelmed with bunnies.
  • A possibility to color summoned minions.
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I mostly liked the possibility of using the bed to speed up the night or skip the night, but I would like it to be done only if the player slept in bed until the night was over.
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