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Fixing that one mixel in Luminite

Shall we have change?

  • Yes! Change!

    Votes: 14 100.0%
  • Mixels are fine!

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  • Total voters


Not exactly your everyday suggestion...

"Ah, another day spent browsing the Terraria wiki because I have no life..."

"Wait...what? Do I see that?"


"Drag it onto my desktop and enhance!"

"Dear god...we have a mixel...but maybe it's the wiki's fault? Let me check the game image files... Oh no...IT'S TRUE! LUMINITE HAS A MIXEL! Oh hey look unimplemented stardust stuff"

Well, I guess the only thing I can do is make a suggestion on the TCF...

Suggestion: Remove the mixel on the Luminite Ore sprite. Make (
) to (
) so it maintains the Terraria spriting style!

This is obviously not a serious suggestion, but it would still be great if this was implemented.


I saw this a long time ago but didn't give a sh-- because I had other "Random Page" stuff to do.
Good job actually posting this.

Having to change it though.. sounds like 1.4, doesn't it?


Same with Bee Wings, when worn. I bet there are plenty of these to be found.

But yeah, literally unplayable. I'm going to ask for a refund... :(

"What do you mean, not eligible for a refund? 3000 game hours? What has that got to do with anything?"
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