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Fixing the Amber Staff: How about Midas?

Mental Mouse

So, there's the Amber Staff. Not really bad, but you'll certainly have the Ruby or Diamond staff first, if not better magic weapons. So, it needs something to make it worth while...

Now, I don't want to just go "nu-uh, amber is better than diamonds" and bump up its stats. I was thinking instead, give it a debuff. But which? Burning would be "yet another"..., Ichor is evil-dependent (and Hardmode), many others are either thematically inappropriate or too powerful. So then it occurred to me:

Give the Amber Staff Midas! Yes, it's currently Hardmode-exclusive, but the effect is proportional to the original drop, and attaching it to a relatively weak weapon isn't too much of a freebie, especially if it keeps its usual 2-second duration.
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