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Mac FPS drop in specific location


FPS drop at specific location

Hi everyone, sorry if its already been answered but didnt find one... i opened my world the other day and saw that my FPS was at 12-14, i thought it was my mac so restart everything, and did the same thing again. I start exploring to remark that the FPS drops only arroung my main home, when i go far enough to not see my home the FPS goes to 30-38 in an instant... so, is that normal or what can i do? I try to take back everything with movement (torch, chimney, fireplace, sawbench, campire, etc) with no luck.

I have frame skip on cause if not its dupper super laggy, lighting on color and quality to auto. I tried low setting and the fps was the same..

Is anyone already seen this? Its my first time encounting the fps drop in 90hrs of playtrough. Im a new player, and never play before 1.4 so dunno if you guys have any tips..

And sorry for my spelling, not my first language!
I have a macbook pro 2018 (latest with touch bar) i5 2.3ghz, 16 Go DDr3 2133Mhz, 256 Go ssd and Iris+ 655 with 1,5 Go for graphic card (i know that its proly not the best to play but was doing pretty good at first and everywhere else in my world haha)

Thx in advance!
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I'm not sure how to upload my world file but here the screenshot. If i go offscreen my FPS go back to normal. I'm pretty sure i cant go max 60FPS all the time on my mac, but normaly 34-38 and its good


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Got an answer from reddit, it was the mannequins.. as i take them off my FPS was gradually going back to normal.. i don't know if its normal tho..
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