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Switch Friend codes!


Slime Collector
I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I decided to make it. You can share your friend codes here.
Mine is SW-3669-2530-7504, but I can't guarantee that I'll add you. I only will if I'm familiar with your whereabouts.


I want to do a new character, new world class play through. If anyone wants to join my code is: SW-1146-0013-6931 and my name on there is CC:R.
If you wanna chat with me my discord is Byrd#0001


hi i'm looking for new friends to play with in terraria and other switch games

friend code: SW-3146-9608-7402


Always down to play with anyone
Here's my snapchat to see if I'm available: jjmajor32

Friend code: 0220-6564-9238


I want to experience the game again but with a friend no cheating if u have disk dm me im your mom and this is just a reply that im using as a disc post because ive been posting this on disc for 3 days no answer and code is 7200 6027 6440
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